Funding Guidelines

Forestry Innovation Investment Program funding decisions will be based on the completion of competitive funding proposals, through a structured call for proposals process. To this end, a separate request for proposals will be issued for each of the International Marketing, Product Development and Research Programs on an annual basis. Additional calls for proposals may be issued from time to time, as deemed necessary by FII staff. Calls for proposals will be advertised, complete with eligibility, financial and other terms and conditions, on the FII website. Notification will be provided to program proponents, industry associations, and to a mailing list of individuals and organizations that have identified interest in the FII call for proposals.

Eligibility to submit proposals for FII funding will be restricted to existing or special purpose industry groups (primary, secondary or tertiary manufacturing), academic and forest research institutions, or provincial government ministries. Other associations, groups or individuals may be invited to submit proposals for specific components of work as deemed appropriate by FII.

Proponents may wish to submit funding proposals for more than one program area. Proponents should prepare a separate proposal for each of the specific program areas through which they wish to access program funding. In certain cases it may be appropriate to include multiple program requests within a single proposal, where the individual program area requests are directly related to a single and indivisible overall objective/initiative. In these cases, the proponent must clearly distinguish which aspects of the proposal relate to the specific program areas, along with separate detailed summaries of activities, deliverables, and budgets.

FII staff will review funding proposals received against the required criteria outlined in the call for proposals, to ensure they meet the program eligibility and proposal requirements. Staff will compare proposals to program funding criteria, and FII strategic priorities (as established by the FII Advisory Board for each program area), to ensure projects contribute to the overall goals and objectives set for FII programs.

Based on the pre-assessment and recommendations from FII staff, the Forestry Innovation Investment International Marketing and Product Development Program Advisory Board will review each of the International Marketing and Product Development funding proposals. For each of the International Marketing and Product Development these Programs, the Advisory Board will develop an approved program strategy that outlines FII’s strategic objectives and focus. The Advisory Board will evaluate each International Marketing and Product Development project, prioritize which projects should be supported based on its strategy for each of the programs, and provide recommendations for funding.

Research Program proposals will be reviewed by FII staff to ensure they meet program eligibility and request for proposals requirements . A peer review, directed by an independent organization, will evaluate proposals based on a set of specific evaluation criteria. Recommendations for funding from the peer review process will be forwarded to the FII Research Advisory Board of FII for review against FII strategic priorities.

Funding recommendations for all three programs will be provided to the Deputy Minister of Forests, or designate, for review and approval. Following final approval, project proponents will be advised of the evaluation and selection process. FII staff will work with successful proponents to draw up proponent contracts and initiate projects.

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