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MSN 8 Internet Software
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Add MSN® 8 Internet Software to your existing Internet access to get features including:
Patented junk e-mail protection to help reduce spam
MSN Extra Storage to store and send large files
Photo sharing to send photos in the body of your e-mail
Advanced e-mail virus protection, and more.
MSN 8 Internet Software does not include Internet access. You'll continue to use your existing Internet service provider (ISP). Use MSN 8 with a new or existing '' or '' e-mail address.
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Monthly Plan
No commitment. You can switch to another MSN 8 plan at any time. $9.95/ month with 2 months

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All 21 advanced features, including patented junk e-mail protection, e-mail virus protection services, parental controls, rich e-mail, and online bill pay.
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