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OCTOBER 1, 2003
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Start Thinking About Holiday Advertising Plans!
It's that time of year again where winter ad planning is essential for your business. Check out our Editorial Calendar to learn about the sponsorships across MSN so you can market to the right audience at the right time. MSN will be doing features on Entertaining in Style, the College bowls, the Gamer's guide for the holidays, and Tech Reviews of the best products in 2003.

Learn more about sponsorships with the MSN Editorial Calendar to find the topic that is right for you.
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compelling interactive ads with the MSN Rich Media Guidelines.
New Series: Online Media for Traditional Marketers
Traditional media experts can have trouble relating to online. How does it fit into your current planning? How do you apply Reach/Frequency and GRP (Gross Rating Point) concepts to the Internet? In this new series, media mavens David L. Smith and Karen T. McFee will relate online media buying to the way you currently plan, buy and evaluate traditional media... providing you with valuable tools for successful online campaigns.

The first installment in this six-part series, "Background for the Traditional Marketing Person," establishes a frame of reference which will be developed throughout the series. Online terminology and a working knowledge of media mix as it applies to the online medium will be introduced. Future articles will provide in-depth discussion of resources, allocation, ROI and payout, planning vs. buying, tracking, optimization and creative considerations.

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Why should advertisers use
online media?

Jim Meskauskas explores using the Internet to meet marketing needs.
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