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Yahoo listing of map companies
List of International Map Trade Association (IMTA) member web sites.

EDgeTech America, Inc.
An ESRI Business Partner offering high-quality GIS products and services to private and governmental organizations.
Map Graphics
High-quality custom mapmaking; specializing in attractive but fast-loading maps for websites; also experts in shaded relief.
Software publisher of Decisionnel Cartes&Bases; and Geomarketing en Ville, we are also the French distributor of MapInfo Products.
Equator Graphics
A custom mapmaking shop specializing in expert design and production of publication-quality maps. We provide mapmaking services for a wide variety of businesses and government agencies.
HarperCollins Cartographic
Home of Bartholemew, Times Atlas, Nicholson, and Collins, Map & Atlas Publishers, Contract Mapping Specialists, and Geographic Data Providers.
3D Atlas
The 3D Atlas 98 interactive CD-ROM atlas website, with world news, research links, free downloads and Geographic Glossary.
Three dimensional vector-based map software. Uses USGS DLG and DEM data.
Larson Systems, LLC
Agricultural technology, including the DataVision Mapping Service (precision soil and crop mapping).
Geo Concept from Alsoft S.A.
A multi-platform GIS for display and analysis of spatial data. Includes ability to deliver maps via the web (Internet map server).
GeoHistory, Inc.
Historical database and interactive atlas software of European and Asian history.
Richard Nicholson of Chester antique maps
Antique maps and prints of the UK and the world. Sample selection online.
Imsat SA
A Swiss company which processes, publishes and markets satellite images. These are full-color map-like images.
Marine electronic charting systems and cartography. Also USGS-based inland coverages. HQ in Italy.
Cartographics Inc.
Custom mapping and graphic design services. Minneapolis, MN.
Jasper Graphics
A computer drafting service that specializes in "Geo-Graphics": CAD mapping, Graphic Maps, and Web-Site Maps
NovoPrint USA is a publisher of community maps for chambers of commerce, visitors bureaus, industrial development corporations and individual businesses.
Antiquarian atlases, books, maps available for sale. Searchable site, catalog available. Bucks, UK.
Sentinel USA
Provides utilities and government agencies with digital mapping, field inventory, and digital conversion services.
Terra Data
Makers and distributors of GeoCart, a MacOS based projections package, with over 150 projections, multiple databases in vector and raster format, ability to export animated files, perform calculations, etc.
Urban Information System
Civitas GIS software, including TAS, an image manipulation suite of tools for Arc/View image and CAD theme handling.
Oficina Tecnica Geosoft
Digital mapping, orthophoto, & digital photogrammetry for the GIS industry. Offices located in Caracas, Venezuela.
Offers digitalization services of cartography and creation of DEMS and 3D photorealistic views of the terrain. On-screen Map Digitization program: GENDEM 3.0. to digitize directly in your computer screen maps and aerial photographs.
The Yellow Room
Antique world globes, maps and scientific instruments for sale.
Avenza Software
Avenza's MAPublisher is a suite of GIS-like tools for design programs such as Freehand or Illustrator (Win95/NT & MacOS).
STG Geospatial Information Systems
GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, AM/FM for Utilities, Data Conversion and Digital Cartography (Carbondale, PA).
Woolwine-Moen Group/Graphic Maps
Cartographic images for web and print, custom maps, and a developing World Atlas.
Map Link
Map importer, distributor and dealer in contemporary maps. Includes searchable database of 100,000 maps.
3D perspective landscape maps and illustrations. Produced for print, video, electronic mediums, and the World Wide Web.
Magellan Geographix
Digital maps and custom cartography.
Geotech Computer Systems
Provides spatial database management & GIS products to the earth resources (eg., oil and gas) industry.
Lonepine Cartography
Specializes in maps for publishers, corporations, and environmental organizations. They are "dedicated to producing maps that expand and challenge conventional cartographic design. Continuing the tradition of cartography as an artistic enterprise, Lonepine offers limited edition prints and general edition posters."
GeoImage Technologies
Provides a wide range of geospatial services specializing in the preservation of satellite imagery archives.
The Living Earth, Inc.
The goal of The Living Earth®, Inc. is to produce and manage presentation-quality satellite imagery for commercial and educational markets on a global scale.
i3 (information integration and imaging)
Specializes in providing satellite imagery, digital ortho - photographic products, image enhancement services, and application expertise.
IMT Associates
Data and document conversion for GIS and mapping.
Steven Gordon Cartography (Huntsville, AL).
Combines artistic images with geographic accuracy to produce visually distinctive relief, city, transit, accessibility, geologic, engineering, and tourism maps. With 20 years of experience.
Paulus Swaen
Internet Auctions of Fine, Rare Maps and Atlases of all parts of the world.
SIGSA(Sistemas de Información Geográfica, S.A. de C.V.)
A private mapping company in Mexico, & distributors for ESRI products. "A lo largo de su existencia, SIGSA se ha especializado en apoyar la creación de sistemas de información geográfica regionales, estatales, catastrales y municipales, habiendo realizado exitosos proyectos en distintas partes del mundo."
Zia Design Group/Zia Maps
Landform images on CD-ROM, also maps and posters.
Cartographic Arts
Rare and antique maps, atlases and books for sale. Petersburg, Va.
Une firme qui développe et distribue des logiciels conçus pour faciliter le travail des cartographes, autant professionnels qu'amateurs, dans leurs projets. Makers of the ACE map editing software.
Rugoma digital map company (Spain).
Digital cartographic design and production.
TOPO! Interactive Maps
USGS topographic maps that can be browsed, searched and printed from a single convenient CD-ROM.
Williams & Heintz
Map makers and printers since 1921.
Raven Maps
Beautiful wall maps of the United States and World.
Rudolf Lietz, Inc./Gallery of Prints
Antique maps and prints for sale.
Cartographic Solutions
Full color mapping, business geographics, publishing and AutoCAD Production
Cartographic Innovations
Digital map data for GIS. Includes vector contour and digital elevation models (DEMs) for US and international coverages. Some sample data available for Colorado.
This UK company now has over 25 years of GIS technology experience, developing and producing data capture, spatial analysis and digital mapping products. See particularly their LAMPS2 mapping product.
Cartesia Map Art
A wide selection of maps for use in Abobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and GIF format for use in web sites.
Map Tools from bitspersecond Co.
A suite of software components for developing digital mapping applications (Windows only!).
Hammond Map company.
James W. Sewall Co.
Established in 1880, provides comprehensive mapping and data management services to corporate and governmental clients.
Big Ten Inc
Produces gold maps for treasure hunting, gold panning, prospecting and mining.
The Four One Co. Ltd. of Ontario. Online catalog of maps and atlases.
The Gold Bug
A map dealer specializing in historical maps. Alamo California.
A global visual indexing system providing access to a broad range of public and commercial geospatial data products. Special offer for AAG members!
Blue Marble has "GeoApplication" and "GeoDevelopment" tools. For PC only!
Intergraph Online
ARC/INFO and ArcView, Internet Map Server for GIS with MapObjects.
ESRI Canada
Official Canadian Distributor of ESRI products such as pcTIN and ArcForest.
DeLorme Mapping (Freeport, Me.)
Their maps in the news. Frequently updated.
Hybrid Designs
A professional mapping company experienced in color and black & white map design for print as well as for animated and interactive applications. (Cambridge, Ma.)
GeoSystems and associated groups
"The leading supplier of geographic information products and services to the information publishing industry. ". Provides consumer and business cartographic services/products in print and multimedia. Lancaster, Pa.

Interarts Fine Map Products
Quality map products including wall maps, axonometric city plan posters, map jackets & caps, antique reproduction maps, atlases and puzzles.

An interactive atlas, trip planner and personalized maps via the web.

Digital Wisdom make Mountain High maps.
Arwyn Mapping Company (Wheatridge, Co.)
MapInfo for Windows and the Macintosh.
ER Mapper.
Thomas Bros. Maps (Irvine, Ca.)
Heritage Map Museum sales of historical maps (Lititz, Pa.)
GEOname, a CD-ROM based gazeteer of place names. For the PC only!
Golden Software (Golden, Co.).
From Horizons Technology, Inc. (Raster based map clip art.)
Strategic Mapping, manufacturers of Atlas*GIS
Travel Graphics International, a map and information center based in Minneapolis.
Robert Ross & Co. Maps, views, cartographic Reference and pre-1900 Atlases.
Caliper Corporation sells Maptitude, GIS+ and TransCAD.
The BG-Map Botanical Garden Mapping System.
Cartographic Services of Viamar (Vermont).
Klynas Engineering Co
Has a computer road mapping system, with real-time vehicle tracking capability.
ESR, a map company in the UK.
Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia
A non-profit company (publishers of Cartography Journal (Aus.).
Cartographics, a Dutch cartography company.
TT Designs (marine charts, GPS).

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