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Georgia History

Georgia History

Georgia History Timeline

Prehistoric Period
Spanish Presence in the Southeast
French Presence in the Southeast
Georgia as an English Colony
American Revolution to Civil War
Reconstruction to the 20th Century
Georgia in the 20th Century
General Information
Georgia Railroads
Historical Orgnaizations, Societies and Libraries


Prehistoric Period


Georgia's Prehistoric Indians
Spanish Presence in the Southeast

Age of Spanish Exploration, Conquest, and Early Colonization
European Exploration of the "New World"
Map of Spanish Missions in Georgia: 1526-1686
Military Artifacts of Spanish Florida: 1650-1821: An Internet Museum
Native American Conquest
Spanish Exploration (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Spanish History and Heritage Links
Spanish Missions(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Timeline of Spanish Exploration and Colonization: 1492-1542


French Presence in the Southeast

Bourbon France: Spain's Colonial Allies and Antagonists, 1699-1781

Fort Caroline National Memorial (GORP)
Fort Caroline National Memorial (National Park Service)
French Presence in Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)

Georgia as an English Colony


Battle of Bloody Marsh
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Coastal Fortifications
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Ebenezer (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Fort Frederica (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Fort King George
(Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites)
Fort King George
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Frederica Town Plan, 1742
Georgia as a Royal Colony
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Georgia Salzburgers
Georgia Trustee Period
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
History of Frederica (NPS)
Immigration to Colonial Georgia
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Indigo Production
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
James Edward Oglethorpe
Malcontents in Georgia
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Military in Colonial Georgia
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Monarchs of Britain

Moravians in Georgia, 1735-40
Moravians (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Rice Production (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Ruins of William Horton house on Jekyll Island
Slave Trade (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Slavery in Colonial Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Treaty of Paris (1763)
When is Georgia's Birthday?
Women in Colonial Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Wormsloe Plantation (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Wrightsborough (New Georgia Encyclopedia)

American Revolution to the Civil War


American Revolution in Georgia
Augusta Canal National Heritage Area
Camp-Meeting Grounds
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Civil War in Georgia
Cotton Culture
Dahlonega Gold Rush and U.S. Mint

Federal Road
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Founding of the University of Georgia

Georgia and the Texas Revolution
Georgia $4 Currency, 1776
Georgia's Black Revolutionary Patriots
Georgia's Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Gold and Gold Mining in Georgia (Digital Library of Georgia)
Gold coins minted in Georgia (description and images)
Gold Rush (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Gold Rush Gallery
Land Lottery System (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Old Governor's Mansion
Roster of the Georgia Guard (1831)
Seminole Wars
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Trail of Tears
Travels of William Bartram

War of 1812 and Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Yazoo Land Fraud

Reconstruction to the 20th Century

1881 International Cotton Exposition in Atlanta
Booker T. Washington's Atlanta Compromise Speech (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Civil Unrest in Camilla, Georgia, 1868 (Digital Library of Georgia)
Cotton Expositions in Atlanta (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Cotton States and International Exposition, Atlanta, 1895
Cotton States and International Exposition Photographs (Digital Library of Georgia)
Cotton States and International Exposition - Liberty Bell (Liberty Bell Museum)
Farmers' Alliance (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Freedman's Bureau Records for Georgia (selected records, 1865-1868)
Ku Klux Klan Violence in Georgia, 1871
Lynching (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Naval Stores Industry (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Populist Party (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Reconstruction Georgia
Reconstruction in North Georgia
Sharecropping (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Spanish-American War in Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Tunis Campbell: Marching to a Different Drummer
Georgia in the 20th Century
Atlanta Braves History
Atlanta Child Murders
Atlanta Crackers
Atlanta Race Riot of 1906 (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Atlanta Race Riot, 1906 (Coalition to Remember and Digital Library of Georgia)
Civil Rights Movement in Atlanta
Civil Rights Movement in Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Cocking Affair (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Death of a President, April 12, 1945
FDR's Ties to Georgia
Georgia's 2007 Drought Photo Gallery
Georgia's Little New Deal
Great Depression (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Great Depression in Georgia
Ku Klux Klan in Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Leo Frank Case 
Leo Frank Clemency File (Secretary of State)
New Deal in Atlanta 
New Deal in Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
1918 Spanish Influenza Epidemic in Georgia
1936 Gainesville Tornado: Disaster and Recovery (Digital Library of Georgia)
Progressive Era in Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Three Governors Affair
Women's Suffrage in Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
World War I in Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
World War II in Georgia (New Georgia Encyclopedia)

General Information


African-American History and Culture
Baptists in Georgia, 1733-Present

Brief History of Georgia Counties
Burial sites of famous Georgia politicans (listed by office)

Chronology of Georgia
Diaries, Journals, and Letters Related to Georgia

Digital Library of Georgia
Famous Georgians
Flags That Have Flown Over Georgia

Georgia Counties: Dates and Order of Creation
Georgia County Courthouses
Georgia County Historical Population Profiles
Georgia Firsts
Georgia Historical Markers
Georgia Historical Plaques
Georgia Indians
Georgia Obsolete Currency
Georgia on Stamps
Georgia Place Names
Georgia's Historic Capitals
Historic Forts in Georgia
Historical Atlas of Georgia Counties
Historical Documents Related to Georgia
Historical information about Georgia governors
History of Georgia's Capitol and Capital Cities
History of the Georgia National Guard
Online Books and Articles Related to Georgia
Our Georgia History
Photos and Other Images Related to Georgia History
Savannah's Historic Squares
Speeches Related to Georgia or Georgians 
Statues and Monuments in Georgia
US50 Guide to Georgia History
U.S. Historical Census Data Browser
Virtual Vault: Digital Treasures from the Georgia Archives
WPA Life Histories from Georgia (73 interviews)

Georgia Railroads
Georgia's Railroad History and Heritage
Southern Railway Historical Association
Central of Georgia Railway Historical Page
Georgia Railroads (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Central of Georgia Railway (New Georgia Encyclopedia)
Story of the "General"
"The Great Locomotive Chase"
History of Underground Atlanta
Southeastern Railway Museum
Western & Atlantic Railroad Story

Historical Organizations, Societies and Libraries
Georgia Association of Historians
Georgia County Historical Society Links
Georgia Department of Archives and History
Society of Georgia Archivists
Georgia Historical Society
Georgia Humanities Council
Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation
Digital Library of Georgia
Hargrett Library (University of Georgia)
Historic Preservation Division (Georgia Department of Natural Resources)
Historical Societies in Georgia (Secretary of State)
Historical Society of the Georgia National Guard
Richard B. Russell Library (University of Georgia)

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