FAQs about Vine

What is Vine?

Vine is a mobile service that lets you create and share short looping videos. Videos you post to Vine will appear on your Vine profile and the timelines of your Vine followers. You can also share your video posts to Twitter or Facebook.

How do I get started?

Vine is currently available for iOS and Android devices. You can download Vine for iOS in the Apple App Store, and Vine for Android in the Google Play Store. After installing Vine on your device, you can sign up using an email address or sign in with your Twitter account. Once you've logged in, you can find people to follow, post your own videos, and more.

Note: Though we’ve been very focused on releasing Vine for Android, we’ve continued to release updates and add new features to the iOS app. As a result, the two apps are not perfectly in sync, but that won’t be the case for long –– over the coming weeks, you’ll see frequent Android updates with new features.

How do I find people I know on Vine?

You can quickly find people you know on Vine through your device's address book and people you follow on Twitter. You can also search for people on Vine or invite them via text message or email. To get started, tap the menu button in the top left corner, select "Profile", and then tap the button with two people on it in the top right corner.

How do I find new posts or people to follow on Vine?

The Explore section is a great way to find videos from the Vine community. Just tap the menu icon in the top left corner and select "Explore" to see Editor's Picks and posts and hashtags that are popular right now. From here, you can also search for specific people or hashtags.

Can I control who sees me or the content I post on Vine?

Profiles and videos on Vine are public, and anyone on the service can view them. We will add more ways for you to control the visibility of your content in a future version of Vine.

What happens to posts I create but don’t publish?

If you use Vine to create a post and you choose not to share it on Vine, the post will be accessible only through your device’s photo or video library. Currently there is no way to post a video to Vine from your device’s photo library.

How do I choose a username?

Choosing a username is easy because Vine does not require a unique username. When you sign up for Vine using either your Twitter account or email address, you can add any name to your account so long as it does not contain any special characters (+ and - are OK). You can change your username any time in your profile settings.

How do I add or change my email address?

You can change the email address on your Vine account at any time. To do this, navigate to your profile and then select “Settings”. From there you can add or change your account information, including your email address.

How do I share the video I posted on Vine to Twitter or Facebook?

You can share posts on Vine to Twitter or Facebook by visiting your profile settings and adding a Twitter or Facebook account under Social Networks. Once you’ve added a Twitter or Facebook account, you’ll have the option to enable (or disable) sharing to that service each time you post a video.

If you want to share a video to Twitter or Facebook after posting it to Vine, you can do this by selecting the “More” option (icon with three dots) under your post and then selecting either Twitter or Facebook from the share options. This will share your post, along with the caption.

You can also share someone else’s Vine post if it was previously shared on Twitter or Facebook. Just tap the icon with three dots, select “Share this post,” and then select Twitter or Facebook. The post will appear on the Twitter or Facebook account that is connected to your Vine account.

How do I change the Twitter account connected to my Vine account?

If you signed up for a Vine account using a Twitter account and would like to connect a different Twitter account to your Vine account, you must first make sure that the Vine account has an email address associated with it. Once you’ve added an email address to your Vine account in your profile settings, you can delete the connection to Twitter and then reconnect using a different Twitter account.

Please note that your Vine account’s profile picture and bio will remain the same as the ones from the Twitter account you originally signed up with. You can change your profile pic or bio at any time in your Vine account’s profile settings.

How do I delete a video I posted on Vine?

You can delete any video you’ve uploaded by navigating to the post on Vine and tapping on the icon with three dots just below the video. Select “Delete post” and the video will be deleted and removed from your account. Please note that it may take a few minutes for the post to be removed from your followers’ timelines.

If you shared your post to Twitter or Facebook as well, your Tweet or Facebook update will still appear, along with a link to the post, but the video will not play.

I just deleted my post! How do I undo?

Deleting posts is a permanent action. There is no way to retrieve a deleted post.

What do I do if my post failed to upload?

If your video fails to post, try refreshing first. If the post continues to fail, you will need to remove this post from the upload queue in order to upload a new video. You can cancel the upload by swiping on the failed upload and tapping the red “X.” video should still be accessible via your device’s photo or video library. However, you will not be able to upload the video to Vine once you’ve canceled the upload, as there is currently no way to upload a video from your device’s photo or video library.

How can I link directly to my post on Vine?

A post on Vine cannot be viewed outside of the Vine app unless it is shared on Twitter or Facebook, in which case a link for the video will be made publicly available.

To share an existing video to Twitter, just tap the icon with three dots under your post on Vine, and select “Share to Twitter.” This article contains information about finding and sharing links to individual Tweets.

How can I embed a Vine post on my website?

You can embed any Vine post that has previously been shared to Twitter or Facebook. Simply tap the button with three dots at the bottom right corner of the Vine post, select “Share this post,” and then tap “Embed.” This will send the embed link to the email address on your Vine account.

How can I use the Vine logo?

See vine.co/logo

How can I display videos from Vine in broadcast or offline?

See vine.co/logo

How do I report a post on Vine?

If you come across an offensive post on Vine, you can report the post by tapping the button with three dots at the bottom of the post (below the comments) and selecting “Report this post.”

How do I block someone from following me?

To block an account from following you, simply navigate to that account’s profile and tap the button with three dots at the right of the top menu bar and select “Block this person.” Blocking an account will prevent the user from following you and viewing your profile, but they will still be able to view and comment on your videos that appear in popular results for search tags.

How do I delete a comment?

You can delete a comment by tapping on the comment icon (speech bubble) to get to the comments screen; then, swipe the comment and tap the red “X”. You can delete your own comments, and you can also delete comments on your posts from other users.

How do I sign out of my account?

To sign out of your account, go to your Profile and tap Settings. Scroll to the bottom and tap “Log Out.”

How do I delete my account?

We'd prefer if you didn't! But please contact us if you insist. To help us process your request, be sure to add your email address to the Vine account you would like deleted so that we can confirm your ownership of the account.

How do I contact Support?

You can contact us if you need help logging in or signing up, reporting a bug, requesting a new feature, or reporting abusive behavior. Please see this page for contact information regarding other inquiries.