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  Due to the high demand for ".com" domain names, a NEW domain has become available, ".CC" . This domain is currently in use and functions exactly as ".com" It is expected to match ".com" in growth and commercial use worldwide.

Pick a domain name and click the submit button to check availability. 


You Can Reserve Your .CC Domain For Only $100.00

We accept credit cards on-line!

, Inc. does not add any extra surcharge for registering a domain. The $100.00 is billed By CCWorld.CC, Inc. (Internic has no involvement in the .CC domain)

This Includes:

  • 2 Years Of Registration ($50.00 a year thereafter)
  • FREEWeb Forwarding (Simple and direct link to your current or future website)*
  • FREEEmail Forwarding (Any e-mail to @YOURDOMAIN.CC forwards to your e-mail address)*
  • FREEUnlimited E-Mail Names @YOURDOMAIN.CC (As many departments as you need!)*
  • FREEUnder Construction Page (Until you’re ready to use your new domain)*
  • FREE WebSite, Hosting, Design, and Graphics

* To use these free services you must remain on CCWorld.CC's servers.




Instructions: When entering the Trademark you wish to search, use all CAPITAL letters and make sure that you put quotation marks "XXX" before and after the Trademark you are searching. Choose BOTH as the option before submitting the search button. This will let you see if there are Pending Trademarks as well as Registered Trademarks.


(no lawyer fees, just government filing fees.)


If You'd Prefer To Have A Lawyer Handle Your Trademark Situations, This One Is Great!





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