US EPA approves registration of effective new HeiQ AGS-20 antimicrobial

Bad Zurzach, Switzerland, December 1, 2011. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the registration of the HeiQ AGS-20 antimicrobial for use in the United States.

HeiQ AGS-20 is a new active ingredient for textile & medical treatments developed by HeiQ. “We are pleased that EPA has recognized the potential benefits provided by HeiQ AGS-20. HeiQ AGS-20 is an innovative and efficient technology that enables effective & sustainable antimicrobial protection for textiles and medical applications because it uses less silver than other comparable products. EPA has approved HeiQ AGS-20 in part because it could lead to less silver released in the environment while providing longer protection against the growth of odor and contamination causing microbes,” said Carlo Centonze, CEO of HeiQ Materials.
HeiQ AGS-20 is the most efficient technology of its kind on the market. It achieves its effective, remarkable performance by employing small particles of silver that increase surface area, maximizing the mineral’s natural antimicrobial effect.

Why treat textiles?
As the Earth’s population grows and becomes more affluent, demand for textiles will continue to increase. However, our choices are under intense pressure: Cotton cultivation requires large amounts of precious land and water and requires extensive utilization of pesticides. By contrast, synthetic textiles have a much smaller ecological footprint. By combating microbes, and therefore odor & contamination, HeiQ AGS-20 increases the appeal of synthetic fibers and makes them a more viable alternative to cotton. And by keeping synthetics fresh for longer, HeiQ AGS-20 reduces the need for washing, enables washing at lower temperatures, and makes textiles more durable – extending the length of their use or wear. As a result, HeiQ AGS-20 helps to reduce the impact on the environment in a variety of ways.