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How do I get permission to use content from The Washington Post?


To license, reprint or make copies of Washington Post articles, headlines or graphics -- for use in print or online – or to order custom reprints, plaques or e-prints please contact our partners at PARS International at (212) 221-9595, ext. 210 or fill out the form at

Please include detail about the material you are requesting (author, date of publication), your intended use (type of publication or media, approximated circulation or audience, publisher, unit cost, geographic rights sought, etc.) and your contact information.

You generally do not need to request permission to post a text-only link that links to content on Republication of excerpts and graphics (including the Washington Post logo) is prohibited without permission - to obtain legal permission please contact our partner PARS International at (212) 221-9595, ext. 210 or fill out the form at We reserve the right to redirect, cancel or revoke any of our links at any time.

Editorial or commercial licensing requests for Washington Post photos are handled by Getty Images. Visit, or contact them at (800) 462-4379 or imagepartners(at)

To buy prints of Washington Post photos, visit the Washington Post Photo Store at, or call (800) 390-7269.

For requests to license Washington Post video, contact the Washington Post Writers Group at (800) 879-9794, ext. 2.

For comic strips or editorial cartoon reprints and print-on-demand merchandise, visit If you cannot find the strip or cartoon you are looking for, contact the corresponding syndicate, usually identified within each strip or panel.

Prints of Tom Toles' Nov. 5, 2008, cartoon and can be purchased here, while supplies last. For all other requests for Toles cartoons, contact Universal Press Syndicate at (800) 255-6734 or universalreprints(at)

For requests for Herblock cartoons, contact the Herb Block Foundation at (202) 223-8801 or info(at)

Three months of back issues are available for purchase by calling (202) 334-7239 (recorded line).

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