How can I obtain back copies of the paper?

The cost of either a Sunday or Daily newspaper is $10.00 per copy which includes postage and handling anywhere in the United States. All International shipments are $30.00 per copy to cover the cost of International postage and handling.

The Washington Post Back Copy Department receive a limited supply of papers per day.

You may request up to 10 copies per day.

· We maintain issues six months prior to today's date. Final DC edition only!
· Back copies may be obtained by mail only if check or money order accompanies your request. You must supply the date of newspaper.
· We do not provide any article search service
· Please include your daytime telephone number.
· We do not provide a Credit Card service.
· We will provide next day service with your Company's Fedex, UPS or DHL account number when that number is provided in writing.

You should receive your paper within three weeks.

Please mail your request with payment and any questions or concerns to:

The Washington Post
Back Copy Department
1150 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20071

To listen to general information please call the Back Copy Department at 202.334.7239
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