I keep pulling up the same dated information. Do you update your site?

We typically see this with browsers that might have retained a dated piece of information in their cache memory (memory of recently visited sites). You might consider clearing your cache memory.
To clear your cache:

Netscape: Go to Menu Bar > Edit > Preferences > Go to "Navigator" (usually the default) and click on Clear History in the History section.

Internet Explorer: Menu bar > Tools > Internet Options > Temporary Internet Files > Delete Files and Clear History.

For AOL's browser (which is actually Internet Explorer) you can: select "My AOL" from the menu bar, go to Preferences then WWW. On the Internet Options page you would go to the Temporary Internet files and do "Delete Files". Then go down to History and select "Clear History". This will clear any "stuck" pieces of information (usually from the past 20 days) and the Temp files and History will begin to accumulate information once again.

If you have any questions before clearing your browser's history, you might wish to consult the browser's help file or your Internet provider for further information.
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