What is a digital subscription and how much does it cost?

All readers get free access to Washington Post digital content for up to 20 articles per month. More frequent readers will need to purchase a subscription to gain access to more content.

The Washington Post currently offers two different digital subscription packages to fit your reading needs.

A Washington Post Digital Premium subscription offers unlimited access to content on our web site, mobile web site, our e-Replica Edition, and on smartphone and tablet apps is just $14.99 for 4 weeks. Please note that e-reader editions for Kindle or Nook are not included as part of this digital subscription package. https://account.washingtonpost.com/acquisition/

Washington Post Digital Web Only subscription includes unlimited access to the Washington Post web site and mobile web site for $9.99 for 4 weeks. You can read content through your browser on your favorite device. This subscription package includes the e-Replica edition. https://account.washingtonpost.com/acquisition/

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