I am a student, teacher, school administrator, government employee or military personnel. How do I get free, unlimited access?

As long as you are accessing The Washington Post through your school/educational institution, or at your workplace, you will have complimentary unlimited access.

If you would like to have full content access while you are outside of your school or workplace network,  and through our smartphone and tablet apps, and you have a valid email address that ends in .edu, .gov, or .mil, just follow the instructions here: https://account.washingtonpost.com/actmgmt/registration/get-nonpaid-access

Once you’ve verified your email address through the link on the confirmation email message, you’ll be able to access Washington Post content from anywhere on any device. Just be sure that you are signed in with your .edu, .gov or .mil email address.

If you are having trouble with your complimentary access, Contact Customer Care. http://help.washingtonpost.com/ics/support/ticketnewwizard.asp?style=classic&deptID=15080

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