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Shajarian’s Latest Album Nominated for the Grammy Award
Shajarian’s latest album “Faryad” (The Cry) has been nominated for the next US Grammy Award in the World Music category.
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A display of Iranian Traditional Dresses in Tabriz
Another Chance for Nowruz Inscription
Incomplete Documentary Failed Nowruz File
Islamic Countries Cultural Week Held in Istanbul
Father of Iran’s Graphic Arts Passed Away
Sama Dance Registered as Turkish Intangible Heritage
UNESCO Intangible Heritage did not Allow Nowruz in
The Biggest Restoration Research Center of the Middle East Opened in Iran Chehel Daf to Perform in Konya
The most completed restoration research center of the Middle East for maintenance and restoring of the historical-cultural evidence opened in Tehran. Chehel Daf ensemble of Iran will be the first foreign group which will perform in commemoration of Rumi in Konya.
Other News
Latin American art goes global
Latin American art, which used to be collected mainly by Latin American buyers, is now reaching a broader audience than ever before.
Exhibit Invites Visitors to Taste Art
This weekend, visitors to an international art show are invited to place flavored strips representing paintings and photos on their palates.
Art is added to Schindler's list
THE Polish factory where Oskar Schindler famously shielded more than 1,000 Jews from the Holocaust is being turned into a museum and art gallery.
FBI launches 'most wanted' list of stolen art
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has a new "most wanted" list. This one's not for criminals, but for art.
Pinter Drops out of Nobel Lecture
Harold Pinter has been forced to pull out of the lecture given by winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature due to poor health.
Something Smells Funny at the Tate...
...and it's not just the elephant dung on a newly acquired £700,000 installation by Chris Ofili.
Sand and freedom
Dubai is trying to build itself a future as a great global city. In the process, it has become the largest architectural experiment on earth.