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Big Fire Temple Discovered in Kermanshah
Archaeologists discovered one of the biggest fire temples in Iran dating back to Parthian-Sassanid era, behind Shian Dam in western province of Kermanshah.
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Burial Chambers Found in Hamedan Playing Music in the Ancient Grave
Telecommunication Department of Samen city of Hamedan province has accidentally unearthed ancient burial chambers. The latest excavations in Gohar Tepe led to the discovery of an unknown object which is believed to be a musical instrument.
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King Tut Drank Red Wine, Researcher Says
King Tutankhamen drank red wine, says a researcher who analyzed very dry traces of the vintage found in his tomb.
Divers unveil Exquisite Treasure from Depths of Java Sea
In a nondescript warehouse in Jakarta, treasure-hunter Luc Heymans dips into plastic boxes and pulls out jewels and ornaments that lay hidden at the bottom of the Java Sea for 1,000 years.
New Digs Decoding Mexico's Pyramic of Fire
scientists are beginning to cobble together the grisly ancient history and fiery demise of Teotihuacán, the first major metropolis of the Americas.
Protection of Heritage All at Sea
Cultural treasures hidden beneath the waves of the South China Sea are being threatened by illegal plunderers and the operations of the modern fishing industry.
2,000-year-old Burial Site Found
Archaeologists working on Shetland's most northerly isle have discovered a burial site more than 2,000 years old.
Ancient Ritual Cauldron Unearthed in Bulgaria
Bulgarian treasure-hunters discovered an ancient bronze cauldron, used for ritual funerals more than thirty centuries ago.
Gaza's Ancient History Uncovered
All through the heat of summer archaeologists dug and sifted through the dunes on the edge of Gaza City.