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Netscape Application Server

Application Server | Application Builder | Extension Builder

Use the industry-leading Internet application server to develop, deploy, and manage business-critical applications.  

The Application Server product family also includes Netscape Application Builder 2.0 and Netscape Extension Builder 2.1 to ensure high availability and easy integration with existing enterprise systems.

With the acquisition of KIVA Software Corporation, Netscape became a leading provider of application server software for enterprise-class intranet, extranet, and Internet applications. Netscape now offers Application Server, Netscape Application Server for R/3, Netscape Application Server for PeopleSoft, Application Builder, and Extension Builder to Netscape customers developing and deploying business-critical applications that reach beyond the company to include partners, customers, and suppliers.

The award-winning Application Server provides significant new features and unprecedented functionality for corporations implementing business-critical Internet and extranet applications where high performance, rapid development, scalability, uncompromised availability, and enterprise integration are critical to achieving their business objectives.

For technical resources to help developers build applications and extensions for Application Server, see our developer site.

Netscape Application Server Solution

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