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Transforming higher education through the power of network computing

Putting the power and possibilities of network computing into the hands of colleges and universities, IBM Global Campus helps these institutions make the transition to a networked world.

With IBM Global Campus, traditional university functions are carried out in innovative ways to strengthen the quality of education, increase personalization, and save time for students, faculty and administrators.

Through IBM Global Campus online networks, students can receive information about colleges, apply for admission and financial aid, enroll in courses, interact with faculty and other students, and receive credits. Through the same networks, faculty can share research, develop curriculum ideas and facilitate class discussions.

Today, more than thirty colleges and universities worldwide have collaborated with IBM to plan and pilot aspects of the IBM Global Campus. These institutions can take advantage of specific features of IBM Global Campus which are available individually or may be purchased in custom combinations.

Find out more on the IBM Global Campus web site.

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