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Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB)

Integrated Land Management Bureau Overview

The Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB) is a client-focused organization providing services, on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands and other provincial ministries and agencies, to clients outside the provincial government seeking access to, and/or information about, the province’s natural resources. It does this by:

  • coordinating and accepting applications for access to Crown natural resources (tenures, permits, licences, Crown grants, etc) through regional Front Counter BC – Natural Resource Opportunity Centres;
  • delivering natural resource authorization adjudication services on behalf of mandated ministries;
  • developing, implementing and revising land-use plans;
  • managing and delivering resource information;
  • prioritizing and coordinating recovery planning for broad-ranging species-at-risk.

The bureau works within the Crown land-use and policy planning framework set by the ministry. ILMB works under a specific service agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands to provide one-stop access to Crown land authorizations in a manner that supports the sustainable economic development of the province’s natural resources.

The Bureau is committed to provide client-focused, high quality, integrated Crown land and resource management and information services to British Columbians.
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