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Ordering Copies of Historical Airphotos

In certain areas of British Columbia, Base Mapping and Geomatic Services Branch has aerial photography dating back as far as 1936.

Hardcopy air photo indexes for research purposes are available to view at the Air Photo Warehouse in Victoria. Private Air Photo Agents also have microfiche of these historical indexes and can assist you in determining the required roll and frame numbers to cover an area of interest. In future, the photocentre data will be captured in a digital format and be made available through the Base Map Online Store.

Due to the physical condition of rolls numbered from BC1 to BC550 (black/white coverage from 1936 to 1947), photographic reproductions may not be possible.

Prints from the imagery are produced from the archived digital files using Ink-jet technology on premium lustre finish paper. Please click on the thumbnail image below to see a sample (203K). This airphoto shows the harbour and downtown area of Victoria. The film was exposed on July 18, 1946 from an altitude of approximately 18,500' asl.

If required, an Air Lab technician will contact you about your order. Please email Customer Support if additional information is required.

This Page Last Updated: November 23, 2006