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Air Photo Agent Services

These Air Photo Agents can order from a historical collection flown by and for the BC Government, in excess of 2 million air photo frames (BC coverage only) dating back more than 50 years in some locations.

Black and white and/or colour air photos as paper prints, contact film diapositives or full/partial frame enlargements can be ordered by the Agent, at your request. (Note: Not all areas of BC have colour air photo coverage.)

The order can be shipped to the Agent, or upon request to the Agent, directly to you by a mutually agreeable delivery method at the time of order placement.

Please contact the Agent directly for product availability, product pricing and accepted methods of payment and delivery.

Most Air Photo Agents can also provide interpretation, analysis, mapping, consulting or other value added services. Please contact them directly for information about additional services they can provide. Website links and/or email addresses are provided.

This Page Last Updated: March 29, 2006