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Air Photo Warehouse (Library): IMPORTANT NOTICE

Base Mapping and Geomatic Services (BMGS) manages an inventory of approximately 2.2 million air photos and products from the Provincial Baseline Atlas. Support staff can advise clients about BMGS products and can refer clients to an appropriate expert for consultation, should the need arise.

Support staff are also knowledgeable about other land related products distributed by other BC Government agencies and other sources. For a comprehensive listing of other types of land related data for British Columbia, please click here.

BMGS products can be ordered using the Base Map Online Store (VISA/Mastercard with valid login account). Private Air Photo Agents in various locations in B.C. can also provide assistance for airphotos.

The Victoria Air Photo Warehouse facility (location map), is also accessible for clients to do research.

Please click here for current average airphoto product delivery times.

This Page Last Updated: October 24, 2006