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Year by Roll (Air Photo)

If you know the black and white or colour roll (film) number and want to know the year it was taken, please consult the following table. For specific month and date or other pertinent information, please contact Customer Support. (Note: Specific information for photos for the last 10 years can be searched, please see Air Photo Data (ftp) and use the HTML Roll Query Page. Frame ranges for each roll are not indicated on this table.

Year of Photography Black/white Film Range ('BC' or 'BCB' prefix) Colour Film Range ('BCC' prefix)
1936 BC1-BC9 n/a
1937 BC10, BC12-BC36 n/a
1938 BC11, BC35, BC37-BC64, BC66-BC133 n/a
1939 BC134-BC195 n/a
1940 BC196, BC197, BC200-BC238, BC240, BC241 n/a
1946 BC242-BC326 n/a
1947 BC327-BC479, BC501-BC569, BC573 n/a
1948 BC480-BC500, BC570-572, BC574-BC641, BC643-BC715, BC751-BC775 n/a
1949 BC716-BC750, BC776-BC994, BC996-BC1028*, BC1029, BC1051* (*Note:BC980, BC999, BC1000, BC1028, BC1051 taken in 1948 & 1949) n/a
1950 BC980*, BC995, BC999*, BC1000*, BC1028*, BC1030-BC1051*, BC1052-BC1226, BC1230-BC1233*, BC1251-BC1276 (*Note:BC980, BC999, BC1000, BC1028, BC1051 taken in 1948 & 1949, BC1233 taken in 1950 & 1951) n/a
1951 BC1227-BC1229, BC1233-BC1250*, BC1277-BC1438, BC1451-BC1453 (*Note: BC1233 taken in 1950 & 1951) n/a
1952 BC1439-BC1450, BC1454-BC1559, BC1601-BC1634 n/a
1953 BC1560-BC1600, BC1635-BC1658, BC1701-BC1781, BC1801-BC1817 n/a
1954 BC1659-BC1700, BC1782-BC1800, BC1818-BC1865*, BC1901-BC1953 (*Note: BC1854 taken in 1954 & 1955) n/a
1955 BC1854*, BC1866-BC1900, BC1954-BC2038, BC2101-BC2146 (*Note: BC1854 taken in 1954 & 1955) n/a
1956 BC2039-BC2085, BC2147-BC2200, BC2301-BC2310* (*Note: BC2310 taken in 1956 & 1957) n/a
1957 BC2086-BC2100, BC2201-BC2244, BC2310-BC2396*, BC2399-BC2400 (*Note: BC2310 taken in 1956 & 1957) n/a
1958 BC2245-BC2300, BC2397-BC2398, BC2401-BC2580, BC5001-5005 n/a
1959 BC2581-BC2713, BC5006-BC5010 n/a
1960 BC2714-BC2938, BC5011-BC5015 n/a
1961 BC2939-BC3009, BC4000-BC4041, BC5026-BC5041 n/a
1962 BC3010, BC3011, BC3024-3026, BC4042-BC4127*, BC5042-BC5058 (*Note: BC4127 taken in 1962 & 1963) n/a
1963 BC3012-BC3023, BC3027-BC3035, BC4127-BC4204*, BC5059-BC5075, BC5077-BC5087 (*Note:BC4127 taken in 1962 & 1963) n/a
1964 BC4205-BC4286, BC5088-BC5123 n/a
1965 BC4287-BC4355, BC5124-BC5170 n/a
1966 BC3036-BC3042, BC4356-BC4412, BC5171-BC5222 n/a
1967 BC3043, BC4413-BC4442, BC5223-BC5278, BC7000-BC7052 BCC4-BCC8
1968 BC3044, BC5279-BC5315, BC7053-BC7117 BCC9-BCC14
1969 BC5316-BC5368, BC7118-BC7224 BCC16-BCC25
1970 BC3048-BC3051, BC5369-BC5402, BC7225-BC7310 BCC27-BCC35
1971 BC5403-BC5449, BC7311-BC7387 BCC36-BCC56
1972 BC5450-BC5521, BC7389-BC7452 BCC57-BCC85
1973 BC5522-BC5566, BC7453-BC7565 BCC86-BCC92
1974 BC5567-BC5641, BC7566-BC7698 BCC93-BCC106
1975 BC5642-BC5694, BC7699-BC7830 BCC107-BCC129
1976 BC5695-BC5761, BC7831-BC7900 BCC130-BCC145
1977 BC5762-BC5771, BC77001-BC77128 BCC146-BCC170
1978 BC78001-BC78157 BCC171-BCC197
1979 BC79001-BC79214 BCC198-BCC234
1980 BC80001-BC80146 BCC235-BCC279
1981 BC81001-BC81126 BCC280-BCC308
1982 BC82001-BC82056 BCC309-BCC324
1983 BC83001-BC83068 BCC327
1984 BC84001-BC84097 BCC329-BCC330
1985 BC85001-BC85093 BCC331-BCC391
1986 BC86001-BC86115 BCC392-BCC547
1987 BC87001-BC87105 BCC548-BCC775
1988 BC88001-BC88102 BCC776-BCC923, BCC936-BCC942
1989 BC89001-BC89093 BCC924-BCC935, BCC943-BCC1063
1990 BCB90001-BCB90124, BCB90127-BCB90135, BCB90141-BCB90150 BCC90001-BCC90011, BCC90013-BCC90036, BCC90038-BCC90050, BCC90055-BCC90073, BCC90076-BCC90095
1991 BCB91001-BCB91028, BCB91031-BCB91041, BCB91043-BCB91189 BCC91000-BCC91037, BCC91041-BCC91102, BCC91104
1992 BCB92001-BCB92141 BCC92001-BCC92116, BCC92123-BCC92138
1993 BCB93001-BCB93099 BCC93001-BCC93019, BCC93024-BCC93078, BCC93081-BCC93100, BCC93102-BCC93120
1994 BCB94001-BCB94072, BCB94076-BCB94091, BCB94093-BCB94099 BCC94001-BCC94050, BCC94052-BCC94148, BCC94151-BCC94168
1995 BCB95001-BCB95018, BCB95023-BCB95088, BCB95090-BCB95121 BCC95001-BCC95089, BCC95093-BCC95121
1996 BCB96001-BCB96106 BCC96001-BCC96129, BCC96138-BCC96172
1997 BCB97001-BCB97110 BCC97001-BCC97227
1998 BCB98001-BCB98024 BCC98001-BCC98058
1999 BCB99001-BCB99048 BCC99001-BCC99034
2000 BCB00001-BCB00015, BCB00020-BCB00043 BCC00001-BCC00020, BCC00022-BCC00117
2001 BCB01009-BCB01037 BCC01001-BCC01035
2002 BCB02001 BCC02001-BCC02040
2003 BCB03001-BCB03010 BCC03001-BCC03048