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Base Mapping and Geomatic Services

Digital Image Management Program


The Digital Image Management (DIM) Program was initiated by the Base Mapping and Geomatics Services Branch of the Integrated Land Management Bureau. The purpose of this program is to establish and maintain a semi-automated, computer-based system to support the acquisition, discovery, management, and distribution of geographic digital imagery for the Province of British Columbia. This corporate service is particularly important to MSRM, the Ministry of Forests, the Ministry of Water, Land, and Air Protection, and many external clients.

DIM Provides Orthophoto Access

The Base Mapping and Geomatic Services (BMGS) through Digital Image Management (DIM) Program provides you the capability to browse a seamless topographic map of British Columbia with a spectacular, orthorectified (map-like) air photo mosaic as a backdrop. The service is free and available here. For best results, use Internet Explorer.

Initially, the orthomosaic is turned off. To turn it on, select Layers from the map menu bar, then turn on the orthomosaic layer. We also recommend you turn off the water bodies layer so lakes and ponds are outlined, not colour-filled.

The topographic map is actually three different scales, 1:6 000 000, 1:250 000, and the Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) 1: 20 000. The map you view varies automatically with your zoom level. The orthomosaic is a 1:20 compressed version of TRIM orthophotography which is in black and white with one metre pixel resolution.

If you are running an OGC-compliant Web Map Server that supports service chaining (or cascading), you can use any of our data layers as your basemap and add your own layers to create your own custom web map service. More information about the LIBC OGC Web Map Server can be found at

For a demo of an OGC-compliant web map viewer accessing our OGC Web Map Service, visit

For more information about OGC Web Map Servers, visit the Open GIS Consortium web site at

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