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partnersThe DRA Program is possible because of the support of our partners who participate in the program as data providers or sponsors. These partnerships span both the public and private sector and include federal and provincial agencies.

How are people using the DRA?

The DRA is used for everything from emergency services to data analysis. The following is list is just a few examples of how clients are using the DRA

  • BC Ambulance Service uses the DRA to support emergency dispatch and planning of ambulance services. Read more.

  • The Office of the Fire Commissioner uses the DRA to support evacuation efforts in BC wildfires. Read more.

  • BC Stats uses the DRA to support demographic analysis. Read more.

  • E-Communications uses the DRA to support emergency dispatch and planning activities for fire and police in the Vancouver lower mainland area. Read more.

  • PRIME (Police Services) uses the DRA to support emergency and planning activities by police agencies across British Columbia. Read more.

Review the full list of partners and their usage of DRA.

Who are the DRA Partners?

  • Federal Partners
    Natural Resources Canada and GeoConnections have contributed to the DRA financially as well as through collaborative efforts. This support has been important in the development of the program and, as a result, the BMGS has been able to deliver open-source software which will benefit our federal partners as well as other provincial agencies.

  • Provincial Government Agencies
    Key agencies within the Provincial Government provide funding to support the DRA program. In exchange they receive data and services that they require to carry out their business initiatives. The result of this arrangement is that there is a single Road Network program, managed centrally and used across the BC government.

  • GIS Innovations
    GIS Innovations Ltd (GISI) is a primary source of data updates for the DRA program. GISI drives the road in the province and collects data on new and modified roads. This data is delivered to the province on a monthly basis for integration into the DRA.

    GISI also owns the IP to the FAR <link to Products page where FAR described> data to which the Province has the rights to licence for the purposes of Provincial Government agencies.

  • Other Private Partners
    Several private agencies also use the DRA program to support their business initiatives. Some of these agencies such as Emergency Communications and ICBC have used the data and services since 1998