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Province of British Columbia
Cartographic Records - a pilot project being run by BC Archives and Record Service ( BCARS). Access to a wide variety of historic British Columbia maps is available from this page.
Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection (WLAP) - formerly Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks.
GIS at MOE and Integrated Land Management Bureau - many resources specific to the two Ministries' programs, as well as general Geographic Information System information.
Ministry of Energy and Mines highlights some Key Initiatives and Popular Topics on their website.
Ministry of Forests highlights some Key Initiatives and Popular Topics on their website.
Links for Land Related Data - our own Client Services section maintains this extensive listing of sources of mapping, aerial photography, satellite imagery, and more.

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing - CCRS is a federal government agency responsible for provision of remotely-sensed data, especially from satellite platforms. This home page provides links to the remote sensing community, images and products, Canada's RADARSAT, and provides tips on collecting and working with remotely-sensed data.
Government of Canada - the main web site for the Federal government of Canada. Access to many federal and provincial agencies and departments is provided through this site.
National Atlas of Canada Online shows the geography of Canada using an innovative, graphical interface. Base maps, geographical names, and thematic maps are available online, which reflect the social, economic, environmental and cultural fabric of Canada. Cartgraphic and geographical names services are also provided, as well as interactive, online, user-driven map display.
Natural Resources Canada - A general information page about Natural Resources Canada. Also has an extensive list of links to other Federal government pages, as well as many other general interest pages located both within Canada and abroad.
Canadian Space Agency - RADARSAT - Describes the Canadian RADARSAT satellite program.  More info at RADARSAT International's website.
GeoGratis - a website which distributes small scale geo-spatial data for Canada at no charge.
GeoConnections - Natural Resources Canada
develop the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI), which will coordinate Canada’s numerous databases of geographic information and make them accessible through a common window on the Internet; and
enable partnerships between federal, provincial and territorial governments, the private sector and the academic community.

United States of America
USGS - United States Geological Survey, Earth Science in the Public Service, providing a wide variety of general information about USGS, it's products and services, and related subjects such as Geographic Information Systems, public issues and environmental research.
NSDI - the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse, a component of United States' National Spatial Data Infrastructure. Using spatial or keyword searches, locate USGS geospatial data. Many data are free; others require that a small distribution fee be paid.
NASA's Visible Earth - Explore the world through NASA's satellite images.  A wide variety of sensors and areas of the Earth are available at various resolutions.  A searchable directory of images, visualizations, and animations of the Earth.  All data is free.
NASA Earth Observatory - More of NASA's satellite images, as well as related news, launches, references and experiments.
JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA. There are some images and videos of the San Francisco, Los Angeles and Pasadena areas, and information about radar images, the Space Shuttle, the Spaceborne Radar Lab, and AIRSAR, as well as educational materials, and sample radar images and software
A Comprehensive Data Model for Distributed, Heterogeneous Geographic Information - Kenn Gardels, University of California, Berkeley - an excellent examination of a data model for geographically-reference data.

IMTA - The International Map Trade Association maintains links to their members with web pages. An interesting jumping off point for the world of maps.
Open GIS Consortium, Inc. - VISION: OGC envisions the full integration of geospatial data and geoprocessing resources into mainstream computing and the widespread use of interoperable, commercial geoprocessing software throughout the information infrastructure.
Ordnance Survey Maps - Britain's National Mapping Agency - a very interesting website, complete with online digital maps (click on "Get-a-map").


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