Coastal Resource Atlases

The primary coastal and marine products that Corporate Information Services produces are the Coastal Resource Inventory Analysis and the Coastal Resource and Oil Spill Response Atlas. These products are produced digitally using various software packages. The information that is available supports other terrestrial and marine planning and research projects throughout the province.

Currently atlases have been created for the Southern Strait of Georgia, and a completely digital atlas on an interactive CD-ROM is in its final testing phase for the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Examples of data from the Southern Strait of Georgia are supplied below. Future coastal atlases may be forthcoming for other coastal regions for which Corporate Information Services has been collecting and updating coastal resource information for the past 4 years.

Shoreline Sensitivity to Oiling Commercial Herring Fisheries Recreational Fisheries Commercial Salmon Fisheries

Example of Atlas Page (very large image)

Shoreunit Map Gallery


Last Updated: 06.06.2006