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The primary coastal and marine products that Corporate Information Services produces are the Coastal Resource Inventory and the Coastal Resource and Oil Spill Response Atlas. These products are produced digitally and the information used in their creation supports other terrestrial and marine planning processes, and research projects throughout the province. Currently Corporate Information Services has created an Atlas for the Southern Strait of Georgia (Race Rocks to Nanaimo) and the West Coast of Vancouver Island (Barkley Sound to Esperanza Inlet). Data has also been collected for:

  • Northern Strait of Georgia (Nanaimo to Quadra Island),
  • Johnstone Strait (Quadra Island to Cape Caution)
  • Mid Coast (Cape Caution to Princess Royal Island)
  • North Coast (Princess Royal to Portland Inlet)
  • Queen Charlotte Islands
  • North West Coast of Vancouver Island (Esperanza Inlet to Mexicana Point)
The West Coast of Vancouver Island Atlas is our newest atlas which is available in the format of an interactive CD ROM. It is currently in its final testing phase and should be available come the new year. Our goal is to eventually have a digital atlas for each of the regions to aid the Province in Oil Spill Response, coastal resource inventory, marine protected areas strategies and coastal planning and development issues.

The Guide to Spatial Land and Resource Information in LRMP - Marine Resources outlines marine planning database sources, collection methods, and descriptions.
On June 5, 1998, the Province of British Columbia released its Coastal Zone Position Paper, which presents the Province's longer-term vision, interests, and objectives for its coastal zone and resources. This paper identifies key actions underway and for the future, and is the basis for the Province of British Columbia's discussions with the Government of Canada to develop a National Oceans Strategy.
Coastal Zone Position Paper
Coastal Zone
Position Parer

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