Coastal Planning

Planning is one of a number of available tools for achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability in the coastal zone. Integrated Land Management Bureau is responsible for the coordination of integrated coastal zone planning initiatives throughout British Columbia. Integrated coastal planning minimizes the need for specific sectoral studies, provides direction and efficiency for agency referral systems, applies and implements provincial coastal policy, and contributes to coastal zone sustainability and integrated coastal resource management objectives. The province currently oversees a number of types of coastal planning processes, which includes the following:

  • Strategic scale (e.g. 1:250,000 scale) provincial coastal planning is based on stakeholder driven, consensus-based processes for Crown land (called Land and Resource Management Plans) which address designation and management issues, as well as providing a forum for other government initiatives, such as the Marine Protected Areas Strategy. Strategic scale coastal plans have been completed for Vancouver Island, and are ongoing in the Central Coast, North Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

  • Local scale (e.g. 1:50,000 scale) coastal planning allows provincial and local governments to provide specific management direction for smaller areas and provides flexibility to address specific needs and issues for an area. Local scale plans have been completed for Barkley Sound, Nootka Sound, and the Sooke Harbour.

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Last Updated: 06.06.2006