Economic Development Initiatives

Corporate Information Services partners with government and non-government organizations in a wide range of economic development initiatives including:

Offshore Hydrocarbon Development

Corporate Information Services is the provincial agency responsible for coastal and marine inventory, research, and the development of tools and products to guide provincial decision-making with respect to offshore hydrocarbon exploration and development. For the past 15 years, the province has been active in the development of the Coastal Resource Information Management System (CRIMS) which supports marine emergency response, aquaculture development, marine protected areas initiatives, and offshore energy and mineral development.

Aquaculture Development

Corporate Information Services is working with the Marine Planning Branch of the Aquaculture Development Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands to identify finfish and shellfish aquaculture opportunities in conjunction with local and federal governments, industry, First Nations and other stakeholders. For more information on Aquaculture Development please contact Rick Deegan or visit our website .

Coastal Planning

Corporate Information Services is working with the Marine Planning Branch of the Strategic Indicatives Division of ILMB to develop coastal land use plans for northern Vancouver Island and the north coast of British Columbia. The purpose of these process is to work with communities, First Nations, and other levels of government to identify areas suitable for particular sustainable economic development activities. For further information on coastal planning please visit our website or contact the Coastal Marine Planning Office at (250)356-7723.