Corporate Data Management Services

Standards and Architecture

As part of a commitment to comprehensive and continuing client service Data Management Services has developed and maintains a series of standards and guidelines. These are intended to promote corporate Data Management philosophy and practices and to provide both clients and vendors with a relevant and current operational framework.

Custodianship and Governance  

Data Custodian Guidelines

Data Stewardship Agreement Template

Logical and Physical Data Modeling

Oracle Designer Standards (v2.0)

Specifications for logical, physical and implementation deliverables

DA Designer Logical QA Checklist (v1.0.0)

Analysis and Requirements Phase logical review deliverables

DA Designer Physical QA Checklist (v1.0.0)

Design Phase physical review deliverables

Naming and Describing Standards (v2.3)

Object names or descriptions

Standards for Types or Categories of Data Models

Data model types and requirements

Oracle Designer Deliverables

Logical and physical model deliverables
Corporate Data Object Modeling

Corporate Person and Organization Modeling

Corporate Code Usage (v1.0)

Ministry-specific Implementation Standards and Conventions for Warehouse and Operational Modeling (v1.0)

Designer Repository Use for Developers

Data Administration Rationale for Working in the Ministry Corporate Repository

Developers Working in a Versioned Oracle Designer Repository

Deleting and Purging Repository Objects

Corporate Oracle Repository Access Procedures

Removing Application Containers from the Repository

Populating the Oracle Database Tab in Designer

Designer Reverse Engineering
Storage and Security  
LRDW Security Policy
Application Delivery Standards