The Integrated Land and Resource Registry (ILRR) provides a single source of reliable information on 250 different legal interests on Crown land (tenures, regulated uses, land and resource use restrictions, and reservations) that is visually represented on a map and is available to the public using a standard web browser. The ILRR also contains information on Crown land parcels, private land parcels (where available), administrative boundaries (e.g. forest districts, electoral boundaries), and base map information (topography, grids, etc).

Survey Parcel Fabric

The principal objectives of the project are as follows:
  1. Meet the needs of the principal partners (ILRR, Registry Tenure Business Support Services, LTSA, Assoc. Land Surveyors, ICIS,BCA, utilities BMGS and other provincial agencies (e.g. Forests, Mines, Health, Education, Transportation, etc) for this information.
  2. Consolidate the technology elements ( eg. Databases, data models, linkage systems to the ILRR, LRDW, ICIS, LTSA/DSP and spatial capture and edit tools) for the survey fabric and other cadastral components.
  3. Merge the work processes of the Cadastral Base Mapping section in with the Tantalis spatial and attribute group to promote efficiencies and eliminate duplication of effort and synchronization of the data in the fabric.
  4. Improve the quality of the current ICF to meet the needs of the ILRR,LTSA, and ICIS.
  5. Develop an ongoing maintenance strategy for this survey parcel fabric information that meets the needs of the principal partners.