Integrated Cadastral Fabric


The Ministry of Agriculture and Lands has been mandated to complete the assembly of a province-wide database of all legal parcels and related information. The assembly of the database is undertaken in collaboration with the Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS). The goal of the CBMS, and ICIS, is to compile and maintain a comprehensive, seamless and current electronic database (the Integrated Cadastral Fabric) consisting of land parcel information that can be accessed and used by all partners.

The Integrated Cadastral Fabric (ICF) is a single spatial and attribute dataset that represents both Crown and Private Parcels, in a continuous and seamless two-dimensional fabric. It defines the location and extent of the ownership rights in land. It is a reflection of the integration of spatial and attribute data for both Crown and fee simple private land parcels, and as such is a composite fabric of land parcels from Crown Land Registry, local government, Land Titles Branch and BC Assessment depicting the current state of the legal parcel structure in the province.

The basic unit used for these definitions is the land parcel. The land parcel is the base upon which a fee simple interest or title to the land are based. The Provincial Land Title System manages and maintains records of the registration of this interest in land and any associated charges such as mortgages, liens, covenants, etc. against the land. The Crown Land Registry holds records of the surveys and interests on Crown land such as leases, licenses, rights of way, permits, etc. Cadastral maps show the location of parcels relative to each other, and to major topographic and cultural features such as roads, lakes and rivers. The ICF is this continuous electronic map of registered land parcels.

Currently, the cadastral data for British Columbia includes about 1.7 million parcels. Local governments whether Municipal or Regional District and utility companies have in many cases assembled databases of portions of the private parcel fabric. In addition there are opportunities to leverage data archives and databases managed by the Integrated Registries Branch, the Land Title Survey Authority and British Columbia Assessment Authority. It is the intention of the Cadastral Base Mapping Section (CBMS) to capitalize and leverage the databases already assembled by the partners in the initiative.