Resources Information Standards Committee:
E-Mail Notification Service - Publications

Use the instructions on the right column to add or delete your name from an e-mail distribution list of people who receive e-mail notifications about updates, additions or deletions to Resources Information Standards Committee (RISC) manuals. This list is not used for any other purpose.

This distribution list can be used only by select Ministry of Sustainable Resource Managment staff. Only your e-mail id is captured; no other information about yourself is saved.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to this list, follow the instructions on the right. It is very important that you send a PLAIN TEXT e-mail - DO NOT use any formatting.

In Microsoft Outlook, select File/New/Mail Message, then Format/Plain Text. Delete any signature lines you might have automatically appear in the body of your e-mail message so that the edit window is blank.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation. If you do not receive the confirmation within one hour, please resubmit your request, checking your e-mail address carefully.