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British Columbia Estuary Mapping System

Prepared by:
Land Use Coordination Office
for the Coastal Task Force, Resource Inventory Committee
Resources Inventory Committee

March, 1999
Version 1.0

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Table of Contents





1.0 Introduction

2.0 Philosophy and Approach

3.0 General Mapping Procedures

4.0 Overall Mapping and Database Structure


Appendix A: Wave Exposure Calculation

Appendix B: Marine Species Lists

List of Figures and Tables

Figure 1 - Planimetric diagram of an estuary on an open coastline.
Figure 2 - Planimetric diagram of an estuary in narrow, constricted inlets.
Figure 3 - A Schematic diagram of the seven databases used in the British Columbia Estuary Mapping System.
Figure 4 - Schematic representation of across-shore elevations and definitions for elevation zones.

Table 1 - Description of the Project Database.
Table 2 - Description of the Estuary Overview database.
Table 3 - Description of the Physical Unit Database.
Table 4 - Description of the Biological Unit Database.
Table 5 - Estuary Site Series Units. These are treated as equivalent to the species assemblages described in the marine - process - dominated Bio-band Units (Table 6).
Table 6 - Estuary Bio-band codes and description for marine-process-dominated elevations in the estuary. These are summary species assemblage codes are treated as equivalent to the Site Series Units (Table 5).
Table 7 - Description of the elevation zone database.
Table 8 - Methodology for computing for tidal zone elevations.
Table 9 - Description of the Physical Site Form Database.
Table 10 - Description of the Biological Site Form Database.

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