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Earth Sciences -
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Tony Cheong

Field work requires a complete manual.   Some RISC manuals with large size charts, colour images, etc. may not be entirely downloadable.

Manual Title

Gov't Publications
Order #
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Groundwater Mapping & Assessment in BC (Vol. I Review and Recommendations)  Oct. '93 7680000651  
Groundwater Mapping & Assessment in BC (Vol. II Criteria and Guidelines)   Oct. '93 7680000650  
Karst Inventory Standards and Vulnerability Assessment Procedures for British Columbia Version 2.0 Jan. 2K3 7680001863

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
See also
Karst Working Paper

Preliminary Seismic Microzonation Assessment for BC  Feb. '94 7680000629  
Guidelines and Standards to Terrain Mapping in British Columbia  Jan. '96 7680000617 Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Specifications and Guidelines for Bedrock Mapping in BC  Oct. '96 7680000611  
Standard for Digital Terrain Data Capture in British Columbia Version 1 June '98 7680000755 Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Download 4 Forms (Excel 5)

Standard for Digital Terrain Data Capture in British Columbia Version 1

(Addenda No 1: Draft for Field Testing
This is not a RISC Standard.)

Apr '05   Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
236 KB
Terrain Stability Mapping in BC: A Review and Suggested Methods for Landslide Hazard and Risk Mapping - Final Draft  Aug. '96 7680000597  
Terrain Classification System For British Columbia (MOE Manual 10 Version 2)   June '97 7680000600  

To order hardcopy manuals, call Queen's Printer Government Publications Centre at: (250) 387-3309 or Toll-free: 1-800-663-6105 or visit the RISC pages on their webpage at:

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