Resources Information Standards Committee:
Training/Course Registration

Resource Information Collection and Capture Training Delivery Note to Potential Trainers

On July 19th, 2004, the Forestry Continuing Studies Network (FCSN) announced that it is no longer providing training related services in the resource information business area.

At this time, the most prevalent model has the ad hoc market presenting a demand on qualified trainers to provide RISC approved training leading to government certification of trainees.

In order for the province to provide for quality, control and consistency in the data collection and analysis involved in the inventory, the provincial Resources and Information and Standards Committee (RISC) has developed standards and procedures, specifications and methodology for the various aspects of the inventory.

Trainers are invited to use Ministry training material and conduct training courses to qualify individuals for employment in the inventory initiative. The Ministry will not pay for the training courses but the trainer is permitted to recoup the costs of training through fees charged for the training course.

Trainers will need to secure access to RISC training materials and the approval of the appropriate data custodians to meet this market demand. Trainers must demonstrate to the data custodian that they are qualified to train individuals.

To ensure that the rights and interests of the government are protected, including copyright over the materials, a template agreement has been developed (Training Materials Use Agreement [pdf]). Custodians will maintain records of individuals who have been certified as successfully completing specific training.

Following receipt of an “Agreement to Use RISC Training Materials Application,” custodians will commence a process to issue the agreement if all relevant conditions can be met.

For more information, please contact John Wakelin at

Competency Policy

To ensure consistent application of RISC Standards, individuals are required to prove competence to the Data Custodian before applying some of these standards. See specific Task Force webpage for Data Custodian contact

RISC Training Courses

For a list of mandatory RISC training courses, date of compliance and information on whether a challenge process for the course is available, please view RISC Mandatory Training Courses. The RISC Training Contacts coordinate the delivery of a number of RISC training courses. Please contact the appropriate name for up-to-date course information.

GPS Training

Please contact the GPS training custodian regarding formal certification. RISC and its member agencies are supportive of the GPS training package supplied by GDBC and encourage practitioners to consider the available training for all contract field crews.