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Getting Started

Click on your community of interest and get started with InfoBasket. You can find information by drilling through the different folders within a Community or by using the various search features.

InfoBasket On-line Help

InfoBasket has on-line help to assist you in using this portal (top right corner of screen). View InfoBasketís OnLine Help Table of Contents.


InfoBasket works with the following Internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (this is the preferred browser for viewing InfoBasket)
  • Netscape Navigator/Communicator
    • Version 6.0 and up
    • To upgrade your version of Netscape click here.

Other Software Requirements

Most of the documents available in InfoBasket are in html format and viewable with your regular browser. However, some are in .pdf format which is viewable using Adobe's Acrobat Reader. If you require Adobe Acrobat reader click here.

Contact Us

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