Welcome to InterModule!

InterModule is a lightweight, flexible JavaScript library that is a contrast to the libraries currently on the Internet. Small, but expressive, this library's core is under fifteen kilobytes, whereas many other popular libraries in common use over the internet like Prototype, weigh in at over a hundred kilobytes!

Currently: Working on 0.9.beta6

Why InterModule?


InterModule uses modules, allowing you to customize and streamline your JavaScript library deployment.


InterModule's core weighs in at less than fifteen kilobytes, much less than other majors like Prototype (over 100KiB)


InterModule features a simple yet effective dependency management, logging and debug system to help you keep track of needed modules and errors.


Best of all, it's free! Not just free of charge to run, but you have the freedom to change and distribute non-commercially under the terms of the GNU GPL.
Download the latest version
0.9.beta5, 42008 bytes, 2008/12/28
Visit the project page on SF.net