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Over the past year, the very definition of Internet service provider has become frayed as satellite companies, local telephone companies, wireless companies, cable television companies, telecommunications resellers, and others have determined that Internet access and packet networks are a "must have" component of any communications product mix. All of telecommunications threatens to evolve toward providing access services to a global packet network known as the Internet.

The resources brought to bear on such problems as bandwidth to the home, connecting small- and medium-size businesses, deploying voice over the IP network, quality of service guarantees, virtual private networks, caching and performance are almost mind boggling to contemplate at this point.

Representatives from major organizations in every one of these segments are expected at ISPCON in Melbourne, April 19 - 20, 1999.

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ISPCON is an intensely educational meeting event. We have scheduled educational sessions in both presentation formats and meeting/discussion formats, addressing every aspect of operating an ISP business. These sessions cover business topics such as marketing, operational models, and how to value an ISP business. They also deal with inter-ISP operational policy issues such as peering, settlements, caching, QoS, performance measurement, and exchanges.

But it also covers and really reflects the ever evolving technologies of delivering Internet access through cable, wireless, satellite, xDSL technologies, and how to find the opportunities in IP telephony.

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