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B In which ways are you involved in Internet/intranet management, development, or purchasing at your organization?
(Please check ALL that apply)

Specify, recommend, or purchase Internet/intranet-related products or services
Approve purchases and manage Internet/intranet budgets
Manage strategic planning and the Internet/Web staff/group
Manage the development of Web site content and applications
Manage relationships, alliances and joint product development with other organizations
Manage Internet and Web site marketing, advertising and promotion
Other (please specify)
None of the Above

CFor which Internet applications do you have total or substantial management responsibility in your organization?
(Please check ONE only)

Intranets (internal) applications only
Web site or E-commerce only
Both of the above
None of the above

DWhat is the scope of your involvement with Internet management, development, or purchasing?
(Please check ONE only)

More than one company
Enterprise-wide at multiple locations
Division/department at multiple locations
Company-wide at one location
Division/department at one location
Other (please specify)

E What is your primary job function within your organization?
(Please check ONE only)

IT/Internet Management
IS Management (CIO, CTO, VP)
Internet Management (VP, Dir., General Mgr., Dept Head)
Networking IS/Communications Management
Technical IS/Systems Engineering Management
Webmaster/Technical Web Site Management
Applications Development Management
Design/Content Management

Corporate Management
Senior Management (CEO, COO, President, CFO, Owner)
Executive Management (VP, Director, Div./Dept. Head)
Marketing/Sales/Product Management
Financial/Operations Management
Corporate Consultant
Other (please specify)

F What is your organization's primary business activity at your location?
(Please check ONE only)

IT/Internet Industries
Internet Service Provider
Web Hosting/Site Development
Web Site/Online Information Service
Software Developer/Publisher
Computer/Networking Equipment Mfg.
Channel (VAR/Distributor/Systems Integrator)
IT/Internet Consultant

General Industries
Media (Publishing, Broadcast, Cable)
Entertainment (Film, Music, the Arts)
Advertising, Marketing, P.R.
Manufacturing/R & D
Insurance/Legal Services/Real Estate
Government: Federal, state, local
Health care
Wholesale/Retail Trades
Consultant (Non-Internet/Computer)
Other (please specify)

G How many Internet/Intranet servers are currently installed & planned for purchase in the next 12 months in your organization? (Please check ONE box per column) Scroll to right if you do not see 2nd column.

Installed Planned
500 or more
None of the above

H Approximately how much will your organization spend in the next 12 months on all IT/Internet-related products and services?
(Please check ONE only)

$100 million+
$25 to 99.9 million
$10 to 24.9 million
$5 to 9.9 million
$1 to 4.9 million
$500K to $999K
$100K to $499K
$25K to $99K
under $25K

I Which of the following products & services are you involved in specifying, recommending, purchasing or approving in your organization? (Please check ALL that apply)

Computers/Peripherals/Internet Devices
Access Services (T1/T3, Cable, ISDN, DSL, Wireless)
Hosting/Site Development Services
Network/Intranet Hardware
Network/Intranet Software
Server Hardware
Server Software
Client Hardware (PCs, NCs, Internet Devices)
Client Software (Browsers, Email, Application Suites)
Security/Firewall Products
High Speed Modems
Digital Imaging (Cameras, Scanners, Printers)
Storage/Data Warehousing
E-Commerce/Transaction Software
Application Development Tools
Web Multimedia (Audio/Video/Push) Software
Web Site Analysis/Content Management Tools
Web Database Software
Web Authoring Design Software
UPS/Cable & Premises Wiring
Internet Telephony
Other (Please specify)
None of the above

J What are the total annual revenues of your entire organization?
(Please check ONE only)

Over $10 Billion
$1 billion to $9.9 billion
$500 million to $999 million
$100 million to $499 million
$50 million to $99 million
$25 million to $49 million
$5 million to $24 million
Less than $5 million

K How many employees at your location and your entire organization?

Location Company
20,000 or more
500 - 999
Less than 50

L In order to verify your request for this publication without the availability of a signature, our audit bureau requires that we ask a personal identifying question. This information is used solely for the purpose of auditing your request.
What state/province were you born in?

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