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MSN 8 combines fast, reliable service with innovative Microsoft® software to make the Web more useful for you and your family.
It's better with the Butterfly. Get MSN 8 one of three ways:
MSN 8 Broadband
High-speed, always-connected service built on Microsoft technology.
Plans start at $39.95 per month.
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MSN 8 Dial-up
Reliable unlimited dial-up access at an affordable price.
Just $21.95 per month with 2 months FREE.
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MSN 8 Software Only
Get the features of MSN 8 without changing your current Internet access provider.
Just $9.95 per month with 2 months FREE.
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It's easy to switch!
We'll move your e-mail, address book contacts, and favorites in just one click.
Find the right MSN 8 plan
Compare broadband, dial-up, and more to find the right MSN 8 plan for you.
For current MSN members
Learn how to get started with MSN 8 and about the benefits of being a member.
Top 10 reasons to join MSN 8
Advanced parental controls, a smart spam filter, privacy protection, and more.
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