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JURIST: The Law Professors' Network
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Updated June 29, 1998:
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Conferences:  The Rehnquist Court (U. Tulsa, Sept. 16-18)
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World Bulletin [Philippines; special issue on International Crimes]
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Saskatchewan Law Review

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June 29, 1998

Professor Jeffrey Stake of the Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington presents The Law School Ranking Game (from Resource Pages).

Welcome to JURIST: The Law Professors' Network, a virtual classroom where law professors can share information and exchange ideas with a worldwide audience of colleagues, law students, lawyers and members of the public.


JURIST has five basic menu categories. After orientation, newcomers may wish to Start their visit by consulting the Subject Guide or the new Country Guide; repeat visitors may wish to begin by conducting a JURIST Search for specific legal materials.

At the core of JURIST are its listings of Academic Pages: Course Pages, Resource Pages, Online Articles, conference Presentations, Examinations and Home Pages posted by law professors in the United States, the United Kingdom and other major "common law" jurisdictions (for Academic Pages by law teachers from the rest of the world, see JURIST Worldwide). These listings are continually updated as law professors develop and post more work on the Web. Every week, JURIST features one especially useful or well-crafted Academic Page as its Site of the Week; past Sites of the Week are recognized in the Dean's List.

JURIST's Services include our monthly Books-on-Law book review, plus rolling announcements of legal Conferences, Calls for Papers, and Positions Available in US and Commonwealth law schools. Audio and video recordings of law school conferences, speeches and other events are available via JURIST Live!. Visitors are invited to take advantage of the directories and legal research aids held at the Reference Desk, and/or the Web authoring and Web search utilities provided in the Internet Toolkit. Send a law professor an e-mail message from the Post Office, or take a few moments off to read the paper, browse the legal magazines, or catch the latest TV and radio public affairs programs playing in the Faculty Lounge. Law students and journalists are invited to drop by the Student Lounge and the Media Center.

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JURIST now has its own Features. Every month in Lessons from the Web, a different legal academic reports on how going online has affected their teaching and scholarship. JURIST looks back at the law's past in This Month in Legal History. In the occasional column entitled JURIST Forum, law professors offer controversial views on a wide range of academic and legal topics - your responses are encouraged!

JURIST itself is the focus of the final menu category. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the site and its technical workings are answered in JURIST Help. Information about the JURIST project, its history, operation and staff can be found in About JURIST. You can submit your own or other Web sites for inclusion in JURIST by filling out the form provided in Add URL. In Feedback, you get the last word - what do you like about JURIST, what don't you like, and how might JURIST serve you and legal education better?


To receive *JURIST Update*, a monthly e-mail newsletter listing Home Pages, Online Articles, Resource Pages, Course Pages, and Presentations recently catalogued by JURIST, plus editorials and news about the JURIST site, use the form above or send your name, organizational affiliation and e-mail address to JURIST@law.pitt.edu. Please enter the words *JURIST Update* in the Subject line of your message.

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