About Krasnodar

Here you will find some general information about the city. A brief story of it's foundation. Some info about modern Krasnodar and it's plans for the future projects.


In this section you will find information about Krasnodar International Airport (KRR) also named as Pashkovsky Airport: it's terminals, ways of transfer, features and some photoes.

Train and Bus Station

Krasnodar 1 is railway and bus station which is situated in the centre of the city Krasnodar and is if you want to learn more about it please visit this section.

Taxi and Car Rental

Car rent is a new service to our city and it's not so popular nowadays. Though we still recommend you to take a taxi or order a private transfer, here you can find companies offering car rental.



There are lots of different hotels in Krasnodar. Almost all of them could be easily booked from world famous booking.com service. But if you are interested in some special information and our recommendations please visit this section.


Hundreds of restaurants are waiting for you every day in Krasnodar. In this section, we will try to focus on the most popular restaurants, and figure out which one do have their menu in English.

Places of Interest

Places of Interest: Krasnodar is an old city which was founded in 1793. That is why there are lots of different places of interest. In this section we'll advise you which ones are worth-seeing.


There are not lots of museums in Krasnodar, but if you are interested in visiting museums, some of them are worth seeing. For more information please enter this section.



Have a look at our parks, presented here. Krasnodar often called "green city" because there are plenty of trees everywhere around the city. And there are also several parks, offering different services to you.

Night Clubs

There are lots of different night clubs in Krasnodar. Most of them located in the city centre. But some popular clubs are also located in the Trade&Entertainment; centers. If you are interested in night life of the city, please visit this section.

Trade&Entertainment; Centres

As Krasnodar is the administrative and economical centre of the Krasnodar Region, lot of Trade&Entertainment; centers are located either inside the city or in its suburbs. Please visit this section to get more info.


This section is under construction at the moment.

Interested in excursions around Krasnodar and Krasnodar region? Have a look at what we offer
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