Faculty Services

The Yale Law Library provides a variety of services for the Law School faculty.  You may coordinate any of these services by contacting the Faculty Services Librarian or the Reference Department.  Governing faculty are encouraged to coordinate these services through their liaison librarian.

Law Library Collection and Library Resources

The Library Catalog

MORRIS is the law library catalog and contains all of the Law School Library's holdings.  Use MORRIS to find law books, law journals, and other print and electronic materials.  Library materials can be charged out at the circulation desk in the Reading Room on Library Level 3 (L3).  There are also two self-check machines: one on L3 at the circulation desk, and one on the Upper East Side (near the aquarium).  Bookreturn boxes are located throughout the law building.   Faculty services will also deliver  books and articles to faculty offices.

There are over 11 million items in the University's library collections.   The YUL holdings are cataloged on ORBIS.   If you find a book of interest in ORBIS, you can use Faculty Services or Eli Express to have it delivered to the Law Library.   Eli Express deliveries are made to each library on campus twice a day Monday-Friday, and are held at the Law Library circulation desk.  When you are finished with the book, simply return it to the law library or put in a library drop box and we will make sure that it is delivered back to the lending campus library.  For more specific borrowing privileges, consult the University Access Services page.

If you know of a book that is in neither MORRIS nor ORBIS, you can request it via Interlibrary Loan.  Please email Faculty Services with your request or use the web form available here.

Electronic Resources

You can also access a wide variety of legal databases and electronic journals via the electronic journals page.    Most databases are accessible without a password when on the Yale campus and  remotely by setting up a VPN connection.  If you are using a legal databases that requires a password, check the library database password page on the Law School intranet.  For questions about Westlaw or LexisNexis passwords, please contact Evelyn Ma.

A listing of non-legal databases are located at here.   You may also search for online journal titles and newspapers from here.

Faculty Services

The Faculty Services Department will obtain and deliver books from both inside and outside of Yale.
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Contact: Dick Hasbany or Michael VanderHeijden
Phone: (203) 432-0139
Email: FacService.Law@yale.edu

The Faculty Services Department does not do large photocopying request; however, Faculty Services will coordinate with administrative assistants on photocopying requests. Further, copying services are available through the Law School here.   In general, course materials are sold through Reprographic and Imaging Services (RIS). On-line ordering, convenient pick-up locations with extended and weekend hours, and payment options are available for students.  The RIS website has more details.

For information on copyright clearance, please consult the General Counsel's Office website on copyright or the Law Library's website on copyright clearance.

Research and database training

Librarians will handle general reference inquiries, create bibliographic compilations, find specific materials, conduct library tours, demonstrate particular research tools, and provide assistance with document depositories. The Reference Desk is on Library Level 3 and is open from Monday – Wednesday, 9 a.m.- 10 p.m.; Thursday - Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Saturday 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.; Sunday 2 p.m. - 10 p.m. Each member of the governing faculty board also has a law library liaison. Please consult the listing of liaisons here for more information.

Research funds outside of the Law Library are sometimes provided by the Provost or the Dean of a professional school to support a broad range of research activities by members of the faculty. Please consult the Yale Law School memo on Research & Sterling Accounts.


Guest lectures for law school classes

Reference librarians are available to give general or topical legal research lectures to Law School classes, with or without accompanying research assignments. If your class time is tight, we can arrange a session outside of class. To arrange a session contact Camilla Tubbs.

Email alerting and routed material

There are several services where you can customize alerts for contents from specific journals or articles, both from law and other disciplines.  For RSS Feeds and any other service contact the Reference Department.

Faculty may remove, add or modify journal routing by contacting Anne Myers or by using the online routing form.  Faculty members who are on leave will automatically have their routing suspended unless Anne Myers is contacted to make other arrangements.

Course Reserves and Previous Exams

If you have material you would like placed on reserve for the course you will be teaching, you may submit the information via our online form. Photocopies of articles for reserve can be copied within a week, but books that must be ordered may take as long as six weeks to be received. Please send your reserve requests as far in advance as possible to ensure the materials will be available when needed. Faculty members are responsible for obtaining permissions from copyright holders. Please consult the General Counsel's Office website on copyright or the Law Library's website on copyright clearance.

The Library maintains a permanent file of past exams for student use. The decision to include past exams in the file is up to the individual faculty member. To make exams available, please contact Julian Aiken in the library.

Faculty may find useful the Yale OGC memo on “Copyright: Academic Copying and Student Course Packets.”

Research Assistants

The Law Library does not hire research assistants for faculty members, but they do offer training for research assistants. To arrange a consultation, Faculty should consult with John Nann or their Faculty Liaison. Research Assistants may check out material on behalf of the faculty member for whom they work. For research assistant proxy cards, contact the Library Privileges Office at (203) 432-7189. For research assistant printing accounts, contact the Business Office at (203) 432-8582.

Self-archiving in institutional repository

The Yale Law School Legal Scholarship Repository  bring together all scholarship under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research. The Repository is an excellent vehicle for working papers or copies of published articles and conference papers.   For more information, including how to set up an account, contact Fred Shapiro.


Faculty uncertain of where or to whom to send my requests to in the library, should contact the Faculty Services Librarian first. In addition, any questions about services that are not covered on this page, or if there is a need to discuss any aspect of Library policies and services, please contact the Faculty Services Librarian. Below are some FAQ's:

How do I use MORRIS?

Consult this guide please consult the reference department if you  have additional questions or if you would like to set up a MORRIS training session.

How many books (or other types of loans) can I check out at once?

Faculty may check out 100 books, and more if needed.  The University Library allows Yale Faculty 300 books/loans at one time. 

For how long can I borrow books?

The loan periods vary from one Yale Library to another, and all circulating library materials may be recalled by another reader. You will be sent a notice in case this happens.

The loan period for Law Library books is one year, and faculty are allowed to renew books multiple times.

The following University Libraries allow faculty to check out books for one year: Bass, Divinity, Mudd, Music, Social Science, and Sterling Memorial Libraries.  These libraries allow books to be checked out for two months: Drama, Engineering, Forestry and Environmental Studies, Geology, Kline Science, Math, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library.  The Arts Library has a seven day loan period.  The collections of the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library are generally available to be viewed, but do not circulate. Please contact Faculty Services or the librarians at Beinecke prior to your visit.

I received a library notice, what does it mean?

Yale Libraries will send a notice to the patron when a book is overdue, near to being overdue, or when it has been recalled by another patron.  Any questions regarding a library notice can be directed to the Circulation Desk or Faculty Services.

Overdue books and fines

The due date stamped or receipts placed in the book at the time it is borrowed is the library's official notice that the book will be due on that date, unless it is called back earlier for another reader. The Faculty member is responsible for the return or renewal of the book on or before the due date, even when the book is charged out through a faculty proxy card. Courtesy notices are sent via email four days before Law Library material is due.

At the Law Library, if you have overdue recalled library books, you will be blocked from borrowing materials until the recalled items have been returned. Problems and questions can be directed to staff at the Circulation Desk or Faculty Services

The University Library has different policies from the Law Library regarding overdue materials, please consult its website for specific fine rates.  In general, material that has not been returned 35 days after the due date will be declared LOST automatically. The patron will be assessed a $75.00 Unreturned Book Fee and a non-refundable $20.00 Processing Fee, as well as the overdue fines. Problems and questions regarding a fine/charge to faculty accounts may be directed to the University Library using this form.

Library privileges for spouse, significant other, or family member

Circulation privileges are automatically accorded to those holding valid Yale photo identification cards with a current validation sticker.  The reference staff will be happy to help any patron with their research questions. 

Copyright Clearance 

Faculty may find useful the Yale OGC memo on “Copyright: Academic Copying and Student Course Packets.” This can be accessed by clicking here. Faculty members should refer to the University's TEACH Act Guidelines and Fair Use Tool for guidance on posting copyrighted materials on-line.  Further, faculty should consult the General Counsel's website or the Yale Law Library's website on copyright clearance.

Library Purchase Request

Faculty members are encouraged to recommend new titles and other materials for purchase by the Law Library.   Send purchasing suggestions to Fred Shapiro. Domestic in-print books generally arrive in 6 weeks. Foreign and out-of-print books usually take longer.  If a faculty member needs the title by a certain date, they must inform the librarian when making the request.  If a faculty order was designated RUSH, the material is rush-processed, checked out, and delivered by Faculty Services.  For questions, contact the Faculty Services Librarian


Gifts will be judged for relevance to the collection, in accordance with the Library's Collection Development Policy.  Questions about donations or gifts to the library should be directed to the Law Librarian, Blair Kauffman.