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Images and B-roll

Need a Google photo for a news story? We are pleased to offer Google images in low and high resolution formats.

High resolution formats are compressed using WinZip. If you prefer a different format or size, please send your request to press@google.com.

On this page:

 Google management

   Dr. Eric Schmidt
Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer
.jpg (51k) - .jpg (66k)  hi res: .tif (2.5M)
   Larry Page
Co-Founder & President, Products
.jpg (40k) - .jpg (70k)  hi res: .tif (3M)
   Sergey Brin
Co-Founder & President, Technology
.jpg (48k) - .jpg (82k)  hi res: .tif (3M)
  Larry and Sergey
Larry & Sergey
.jpg (60k) - .jpg (98k)  hi res: .tif (3.1M)
  George Reyes George Reyes
Chief Financial Officer
.jpg (49k) - .jpg (70k)  hi res: .tif (4M)
  Omid Kordestani Omid Kordestani
Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development
.jpg (48k) - .jpg (90k)  hi res: .tif (3.1M)
  Alan Eustace Alan Eustace
Vice President, Engineering
.jpg (47k) - .jpg (79k)  hi res: .tif (4.2M)
  Jeff Huber Jeff Huber
Vice President, Engineering
.jpg (32k) - .jpg (86k)  hi res: .tif (2.5M)
  W. M. Coughran, Jr. W. M. Coughran, Jr.
Vice President, Engineering
.jpg (24k) - .jpg (65k)  hi res: .tif (4.2M)
   Jonathan Rosenberg
Vice President, Product Management
.jpg (33k) - .jpg (64k)  hi res: .tif (3.1M)
   David Drummond
Vice President, Corporate Development
.jpg (41k) - .jpg (90k)   hi res: .tif (3.4M)
   Shona Brown
Vice President, Business Operations
.jpg (33k) - .jpg (105k)   hi res: .tif (2.7M)
   Elliot Schrage
Vice President, Global Communications and Public Affairs
.jpg (41k) - .jpg (73k)   hi res: .tif (3.3M)
   Tim Armstrong
Vice President, Advertising Sales
.jpg (33k) - .jpg (70k)   hi res: .tif (2.8M)
   Salar Kamangar
Vice President, Product Management
.jpg (25k) - .jpg (69k)   hi res: .tif (2.4M)
   Sheryl Sandberg
Vice President, Global Online Sales and Operations
.jpg (26k) - .jpg (65k)   hi res: .tif (2.9M)
   Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
Vice President, Asia-Pacific and Latin America Operations
.jpg (21k) - .jpg (55k)   hi res: .tif (2M)
   Nikesh Arora
Vice President, European Operations
.jpg (24k) - .jpg (66k)   hi res: .tif (3.9M)
   Vinton G. Cerf
Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist
.jpg (25k) - .jpg (61k)   hi res: .tif (1.7M)
   Miriam Rivera
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
.jpg (31k) - .jpg (86k)   hi res: .tif (4.4M)

 Everyday life inside Google

.jpg (130k)   .jpg (144k)   .jpg (159k)
.jpg (111k)   .jpg (126k)   .jpg (131k)
.jpg (179k)   .jpg (158k)   .jpg (239k)
.jpg (139k)   .jpg (124k)   .jpg (158k)


Google .jpg (38k)
.tif (836k) hi res
  Google Desktop Search .jpg (63k)
.tif (794k) hi res
Gmail .jpg (82k)
.tif (408k) hi res
  .jpg (86k)
.tif (420k) hi res
orkut .jpg (28k)   Blogger .jpg (29k)
.tif (22k) hi res
Gmail .jpg (33k)
.tif (141k) hi res

 Product images

Google Mini     Google Search Appliance

.jpg (15k)
.tif (1.9M) hi res

  Google Search Appliance

.jpg (18k)
.tif (2.7M) hi res

Google Search Results
300 dpi format
.jpg (188k)

.tif (200k)
hi res
Google Search Results
300 dpi format
.jpg (213k)

.tif (252k) hi res
Google Toolbar    
Google Desktop Sidebar
72 dpi format - .gif (3k)   Google Desktop Sidebar 300 dpi format
.jpg (54k)

.tif (1.7MB) hi res