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You may use this form to leave suggestions, comments, and contributions. Information provided will be kept confidential. Please be aware of the MathWorld Frequently Asked Questions page before writing.

Please consider becoming a MathWorld contributor by filling out the following form. Your contributions will be gratefully acknowledged together with those of other MathWorld contributors. For additional information about contributing material, visit the FAQ on contributing.

There are currently a number of entries in MathWorld that are either incomplete or in the process of being modified. A complete listing of entries "under construction" is also kept up-to-date, as is a list of entries missing specific pieces of information, and entries containing out-of-date hyperlinks. Help in fleshing out these entries would be especially appreciated.

  1. If you'd like to report a typo, please include two parts in your message:
    1. Quote the sentence or line that contains the error.
    2. Give the correct version of the line or error.
  2. If you'd like to add to an existing entry, please provide:
    1. The sentence preceding a good entry point for your addition.
    2. Exact wording for your entry, in plain text, Mathematica, or TeX.
    3. A vector-based image, if necessary. Mathematica or a vector program may help.
    4. For references, please follow the MathWorld format as closely as possible.
      • For a web page:
        Gourdon, X. ``The $10^{13}$ First Zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function, and Zeros Computation at Very Large Height.'' 2004. \url{}.\par
      • For a journal article:
        Conrey, J.~B. ``At Least Two Fifths of the Zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function Are on the Critical Line.'' {\it Bull.\ Amer.\ Math.\ Soc.} {\bf 20}, 79--81, 1989.\par
      • For a book reference:
        Wells, D. \titleisbn{The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers.}{0140080295} Middlesex, England: Penguin Books, p.~28, 1986.\par
  3. To suggest a new entry, or to rewrite and greatly expand a current entry, please:
    1. First review the contributor guidelines.
    2. Give the title, subject classification, and references.
    3. If attempting to rewrite an entry (not recommended for long entries), please incorporate all existing relevant information from the current entry.
  4. For MathWorld Classroom comments, please note that we cannot provide homework help.
  5. To report mathematical news, please:
    1. Provide a link to your source.
    2. Give a short summary for why your submission is newsworthy.
    3. We cannot report news on unpublished proofs of Fermat's Last Theorem or the Goldbach Conjecture. Also, note that we cannot review proofs.
  6. To report a typesetting glitch, please:
    1. First, try a page refresh. If that fails, please mention which browser you are using.
    2. Attach a screenshot, annotated and trimmed to the pertinent area.
    3. Equation number references currently display as (◇) instead of the correct number. This is a known bug that we hope to fix soon.
  7. We always appreciate kind words. You might also visit Eric Weisstein's personal site.
  8. For help with a mathematical problem, consider:
    1. For questions about formulas, notation, and special functions, please first try the formula search and list of notations at The Wolfram Functions Site.
    2. Wolfram Research's powerful mathematics software Mathematica can be used to solve many mathematical problems.
    3. The Math Forum's Ask Dr. Math provides homework help.
    4. For calculus help, provides step-by-step answers.
    5. For other homework help, please see our FAQ.
  9. We are regrettably not able to respond to questions of the form "Is formula x correct?" Almost always, the answer is "yes." If you have checked a formula yourself and have cogent reason to believe that it contains a typo, please send us a typo report stating, if possible, why the current formula is wrong and what changes are needed to correct it.

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