Configuring Continuum

The configuration file for Continuum is inside the Plexus runtime under apps/continuum/conf/application.xml. NOTE: You have to start and stop the application at least once before configuring Continuum. This is required because the application container has to unpack the application.

Mail Notification

  • The Mail notifier itself. There are three configurable properties:
    • from-mailbox and from-name: The mailbox and name that will be set as the From header for all mails sent. It is important to ensure that the mailbox is a real account as most SMTP servers will verify that the mailbox actually exists before accepting the mail. If the from mailbox is empty or not specified the nag email address for the project will be used.
    • timestamp-format: This is the timestamp format used for the dates in email messages.
  • The recipient source. This is the component that decides who should receive the email. The only thing that can be configured here is a address that will be used as the recipient for all email sent. This configuration is mostly useful for people who want to make sure all email is sent to a specific account during testing or development.
  • The mail sender is the component that will send the email to the SMTP server. The two properties that can be configured are:
    • smtp-host: The SMTP host. Make sure that this host will accept email.
    • smtp-port: The port to use on the SMTP host.

Alarm Trigger

The alarm trigger will trigger a build of all the projects on a timed interval.

  • interval: The number of seconds between each round of scheduling.
  • delay: The number of seconds to wait before starting the first round of scheduling post startup.

Jetty Configuration

Jetty is configured in a special way as it's a service, not a component. The only thing that should be changed in the Jetty configuration is the port and that is done by changing the port tag in the services section.

Socket Listeners

There are two services listening on sockets that can be configured:

  • url-registrar-server: This registrar will read POM URLs for the Maven 1.x and 2.x project builders.
  • simple-socket-trigger-server: This registrar will read project IDs off the wire and schedule a build for that project.