Getting the sources

To get the sources from the Subversion repository use this SVN url:

If you are using the svn command line Subversion client you can check out the sources with this command:

svn co continuum
All the Continuum Alpha 1 sources will be in a directory called continuum.

For more information on how to check out the sources see the information pages from Apache here.

Building Continuum

NOTE: currently Continuum requires Maven 2 alpha 1 to build.

Continuum consists of 6 Maven 2 projects:

  • continuum-model is the object model that continuum uses.
  • continuum-core is Continuum's core. It contains all the code for checking out and building the projects. It also contains the mail notifier and socket listeners.
  • continuum-web is the web interface for Continuum. It contains the form definitions used in the web application and internationalization strings.
  • continuum-xmlrpc is the XML-RPC interface. It contains a single component that maps the XML-RPC method calls to the core components.
  • continuum-plexus-application is a special project that mainly contains the configuration files for Plexus when running Continuum as a Plexus application.
  • continuum-core-it is a integration tests written in Python. It uses the XML-RPC interface to communicate with the Continuum instance.
The easiest way to build the entire Continuum project is to use the shell script from the root of the check out like this:
$ sh