Installing Continuum

After you have downloaded and unpacked the bundle execute bin/ if you are on a UNIX platform or bin/plexus.bat if you are using Windows.

After starting Continuum you can access it with your browser on http://localhost:8080 or by using the XML-RPC interface on port 8000.

Adding Projects to Continuum

When adding projects note that Continuum will check out the projects directly after you press the button and will not return untill after the projects has been checked out either successfully or not. This is a known issue with Continuum and asynchronous checkouts are planned.

Adding Maven2 Projects

When adding a Maven 2 project all you need is the URL to a POM. The POM has to include at least the SCM information to be able to check out the project.

Adding Maven1 Projects

Adding a Maven 1 it pretty much like adding a Maven 2 project, give it a URL to a POM with SCM information and Continuum will add the projects.

There are is a caveat though: The POM cannot extend a parent POM. When Continuum is downloading the POM it won't know how to find the parent POMs. The best way to use Continuum with Maven 1 projects is to give Continuum the root POM of your projects only and then have a special goal in the root projects maven.xml to build all of the projects. In subsequent versions of Continuum we will deal with Maven 1.x projects in a cleaner way.

Adding Ant Projects

When adding Ant projects you have to specify the project's name, scm url, nag email address, version and the targets to execute.

Adding Shell Projects

When adding shell projects you have to specify the project's name, scm url, nag email address, version and the shell script to execute. The working directory of the project will be prepended to the scripts path.

Building Projects

Using the Web Interface

To build a project with the web interface from the project list, simply press the "build" button and the project will be enqueued on the build list. If Continuum isn't already building a project it will start the build immediately.

Using the XML-RPC Interface

By using the Python script you can remotely control Continuum. Start the script by executing

and write help to list all available commands.

There is also a reusable Python library called that can be used to integrate remote control over Continuum into other Python applications.