Planned Features for Continuum

If you would like to see support for a particular feature that is not listed here please enter them in JIRA or send a mail to the mailing lists.


SCM Support

Continuum is using the Maven SCM library for checking out and getting updates from the SCM the project is stored in. Continuum currently only supports CVS and Subversion but support for these SCM is planned:

  • ClearCase
  • Perforce
  • StarTeam
  • Visual Source Safe

Build Scheduling

  • Push: something is triggering a build by telling Continuum to do so. Continuum already supports this through the socket listener that is listening for build IDs to build and through the XML-RPC server.
  • Pull: Continuum is looking for changes and schedules a build when something has changed. This is useful for several reasons: less resources used by useless builds and it's easier to use because there is no need to configure your SCM to push events to Continuum.

Asynchronous checkouts

Currently all checkouts are done while the user presses the "add project" button which can take up to several minutes to complete. Continuum need to do this in the background and show that the prjoect currently are beeing checked out in the overview pages. For status updates on this issues take a look at the JIRA issue.